Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finally feeling a little better

Finally feeling a little better after healing sessions today. Not great, mind you. Body is still very heavy and dead, but I feel better. Ialos realized today how much of my virus problem is related to the colon. After eating a cheeseburger (I am on a plan to gradually eliminate all gluten and casein from my diet), I instantly felt so heavy and sick again, and it brought back memories of the early days of exposure to this virus, and how I felt so badly after eating. I toldRebecca about it, but it was like being hit with the post mealtimes sluggishness x's 10 and I told her that i could literally feel it going all thru my body. Fastforward to our time travelling future grey descendants--they can't digest at all. THE VIRUS IS KILLING OUR ABILITY TO DIGEST ORGANIC MATERIAL. That is why I bloat so badly and becauuse the colon affects the brain, I am suffering from the autistic fog. The autism was completely gone today! I find it diffiult to drive or bikeon a roadway when I am autistic. My sensory perceptions are "off" and I become anxious and panicky thinking that someone is about to hit me. Today for the first time in years, I felt comfortble biking on the roadway edge (instead of on the sidewalk or against traffic), because I had proper sensory awareness and reaction to what was physiclaly going on around me, instead of tunnel vision. I still am suffering. I feel heavy and tired again, and found myself waking up, coughing and asthmatic, choking for air. Very interesting theory about that too--another time. I also am suffering from the "brain rushes" that make it so diffeicult to sleep. I hope some atylenol pm cna address that. Ive been dreaming the past couple of nights--something else i rarely do any more. My dream told me that an earthquake was going to hit San Diego. I have dreamed before that San Diego was going to be nuked. Months ago, I spent a couple of hours trying to track down an old college friend who used to live in San Diego, and felt much better once I learned she had divorced her cheating husband and returned to Northern California. I never contacted her though. What could I say--I have "premonitions"?? There are a couple of ther reasons I worry about San Diego being nuked--too tired to go into it. But if certain rogue factions wanted to make sure the Mexico-US border was closed, setting off a suitcase nuke would be easy (and could they place it near a fault line, or have another space beam weapon setting it off?). I also fear that while security agencies have the technologies to track nuclear material from the air, I wonder if they can track it as it moves through the subterranean tunnels which are rife alon th border. Of course, that assumes that the security agencies actually have America's safety at heart--and that is not a given. I was able to finally start to read a backlog of posts, and I see that many visionaries are worried about the Gulf. I know that it already has been nuked but that the pipeline is fractured, and leaking at certain seams, and the crisis is ongoing and difficult, but I honestly don't feel the imminent sense of dread that some sensitives and intuitives are feeling. For some reason, I am more worried about ssan diego. At least today.

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