Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stomach getting sicker all the time

Stomach getting sicker all the time--went to bed with a stomachache and woke up with a stomachache. Bely is so incredibly bloated that i wake up and feel it and wonder if i ve gained 5 pounds overnite. Doesnt even feel like MY belly. (But then--my life doesnt feel like MY life). Everything I eat makes me sick, excpet for proteing shakes with almond milk. Question--am I going to be on a liquid diet soon? I suspect that my stomach problems are caused by the virus and aggravated by the pshychotropic drugs tat the torturers then pile on. I know hen im on psychotropics--when i am depressed, angry, and low energy. I know when i am drug free--when i am happy, optimistic and energetic. Very depressing to realize I may never be free again, but may suffer from this drug filled misery the rest of my life.

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