Wednesday, June 2, 2010

unimaginabld apain and torment

unimaginabld apain and torment, fycjub acyoybctyre was bitgubg byt a byt okyg fir tgese giddnabed bazus ti raoe ne wutg a nibster suzed cgenucak bvuicgenucak dukdi, bidt cabt gabdke tgese soas,ns, tgat us wt bidt us si kicje dyo, tirtyre, tii tirttyred ti exoress ut, nist girrubke gekk feekubg ibe eatg m jbiwubg bidt us beubg desxgtrited cab di bitgub, body being destoryed can do nothing. cant even sleep in bed. broken. have neighbor who will fix it but room has to be cleaned. needless to dsay, can do nothin.except pray for death to end theis misery. kil me god, please kill me.

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