Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Black Pakistani Cobra

The Black Pakistani Cobra:
I had a dream last night in which a relatively small, hooded cobra blocked my way as I tried to walk to where I was going. Needless to say, when a cobra raises its hooded head, I start walking backwards. Because the path was narrow, there was no way to go around it to reach my destination.

I found the exact same image of a cobra that matched my dream. I definitely dreamed of a "Black Pakistani cobra"--I recognized the telltale black and white patterns, immediately when I saw them.

Now, who is this Pakistani cobra? He is not the short, wizened man that I wrote about in the previous post, of whom I am starting to think might be a highly advanced psychic and medium of evil (could he use his mind to blow out my tire tube stem?...). Maybe he is an alien shape shifter, or maybe he is just an alien. He has the small stature and musculature of the evil aliens that are strongly reptilian Sirian, but he is older than what I have seen before...Anyway, I am certain that this is not the "cobra". No, the "Black Pakistani cobra" is the tortured, Canadian Indian child, who grew up to become a powerful and evil psychic seeking revenge, "V" for Vendetta, or A for "Asr" and "As", Osiris and Isis, or "Ashtar Command".

The reason I dreamed that he was a smaller snake, was to differentiate him from the huge reptiles that appear in my dreams to represent supernatural, demonic aliens (reptilians). He is human, not a powerful, multi-dimensional alien. However, a smaller cobra can be just as dangerous as a large one, and he is blocking my path to where I want to go. In the dream, the path was narrow, which is a scriptural reference--the path of sin is wide, but the path of God's will and holiness is narrow. I have got no way around him.

The cobra was a Pakistani cobra, because Pakistan is his base of operations, and probably has been for years. My guess is that young Barack Obama met him, when he was doing his Pakistani pilgrimage with his two Muslim "fock buddies". (Note: I do not use terms of slander or insult to make a point. From my readings, that is the nature of the relationship as I discerned it. I wish I could think of an equally descriptive and punchy word, but my brain doesn't work as well as it once did). Anyway, Cobra identifies himself as Muslim. I draw this conclusion from the movie, "V for Vendetta" where a sympathetic character is murdered for harboring an antique and beautiful copy of the Koran. He actually claims to be an atheist, but says the beauty of the book moves him. Likewise, I think Cobra is a de facto atheist, but is cynical about the use of religion--the best mind control weapon, ever. Because of his abuse at the hands of Christian Church authorities, he despises Christianity, and I believe wants to destroy it...especially the Vatican. I have said it before, but I will say it again--the Vatican is at extreme risk for a devastating terrorist attack. Of course this would do immense damage to the city of Rome, killing hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people, but Cobra does not care. He has no value or esteem for human life. That lesson was drummed into him as a child.

Further evidence that he is in the wilderness of Pakistan has to do with the entire origin of the al-Qaida terrorist movement. As I have said before, "qaida" is an Arabic word that means "database", and for years, the real power of the al-Qaida movement was their database of codes--for airplanes, financial markets, etc. Like Michael Prince, Cobra was probably "rescued" from Faction 1 torture by Faction 2, who then pressed him into service as a superpsychic for rogue MI5/MI6. He probably became involved with Afghanistan in the early years, when Brzinski (Faction 2 satanist--and one of only two Columbia professors who ever vouched for Obama) was setting up his shadow and rogue intelligence network that answered ultimately to Amon RA. At what point, young Cobra earned his stripes and proved his mettle, I do not know, but I think it clear that he is the top military ops human in the Amon RA cult, and probably works in tandem with fellow Canadian Maurice Strong at the top of the human leadership hierarchy.

He probably has been based in the rugged wilderness of Afghanistan/Pakistan for decades now. When Afghanistan got too hot, because of American troops, he moved over to Pakistan. Why there? Apart from the lawlessness and ruggedness of the wilderness there, these two countries possess something much more important--caves and entrances to inner Earth. You see, Cobra and Maurice Strong are not the ultimate authorities in the Amon RA cult--the Tall White aliens are, and they live in inner Earth, and have their "vimanas" or "UFO's" hidden in these caves that access the inner Earth, to which they have been condemned to reside by God and his angel-armies, led by St. Michael Archangel. Of course, all we have in scripture, is incomplete histories, mythologies and references, but my reading of scripture, ancient history, and research into the behaviors of the Tall Whites, and their monstrously giant human hybrids, all bear out this understanding.

In short--or Tall, these "Amalekites" are a veritable scourge upon the Earth and against humankind. Wherever they are allowed to reside, and even flourish, the fabric of the human community is destroyed, and human life becomes worthless. Cobra probably doesn't realize that he is carrying out the same agenda of human degradation that he hated so much as a child. Different controls and handlers--the same outcome--warped, bitter humanity reduced to fighting viciously amongst themselves for bare survival. Even the tens of billions of dollars that we have poured into those two countries could not bring them out of their pathetic state. Forget about the wholesale graft and corruption, the lawlessness and the murders. As a westerner, I know what to look for to see where and how much evil has penetrated: The powers of Satan swell wherever there is drug addiction, sexual abuse of children, and lack of regard for women. The first and last should be self-evident to anyone who follows even mainstream media news regarding Afghanistan and Pakistan, but what most people probably don't know is how pervasive the sexual abuse of children is in many areas of those two countries. Afghanis and Pakistanis know--I can tell by reading their material and presentation of the matter. Now unfortunately, sexual abuse is a world-wide problem, but what many do not recognize is how connected pedophilia is to the satanism of demonic aliens. Where there are demonic aliens, there are satanists, and where there are satanists, the most destructive of child sexual abuse occurs. This is so damaging, because it leaves a profound wound in the child's soul, so that they find it difficult to become whole and happy human beings, and free and healthy worshipers of the sacred and divine.

The Tall Whites are the most demonic humanoid (non-reptilian) aliens that I have encountered in my reading, and thankfully, their hidey holes are disappearing. The forces for Good in the world destroyed many of their bases this past week. From what I can tell, there is only one place left in the world where they find haven--Pakistan, and Cobra is right there with them--probably in a cave so deep, or an alien structure so strong, that no drone could ever reach him.

God Almighty put these Amalekites under the ban of destruction. They are so full of corruption and amoral evil, that a moral human community cannot co-exist with them in the land. For those, who don't believe in, or have much respect for God, the argument for self-preservation still stands. It is these Tall Whites and their Amon RA human cultists responsible for so much misery--the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoe, the ice-cold winters. They are responsible for so many acts of terrorism like 9/11, and various bombings throughout the world. They not only sexually abuse children, but they meld human DNA with animals to create monstrous hybrids. They would control reproduction with their drugs and chemicals. To live in such a world would be unbearable, yet that is Cobra's objective. Cobra is a psychopath, an extremely powerful and hating psychopath. He is a danger not only to the US, but to the entire world, as long as he is alive and unrestrained. Not only is his capture an imperative for the safety of America and the world (most recently, I believe he was the one trying to smuggle in the stolen, Libyan SAMS through Mexico, into San Antonio), he needs to be held responsible for crimes against humanity--including the 9/11 assaults.

I hope that the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan are capable of realizing the tremendous damage and suffering that would eventually incur onto their nations, should the Tall Whites and Cobra continue to flourish. Demonic evil has harshly ruled this planet for millennia. We finally are on the successful offensive to eradicate it. However, as long as evil is given sanctuary anywhere, it will be a threat to humanity everywhere. Believe me, the average human being could not bear what I have endured these past few years without going insane or pathological. Yet, my experiences and sufferings--the implants, the drugs, the sexual castration (V may have been castrated, too--not in childhood, but as part of some sick MACHINE RA whim)--are a prototype. I do not want to see such violations and atrocities repeated anywhere, and that includes Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In closing, I would like to get back to my dream. "Cobra" is blocking my advance. Why does he have power over me? Is it because he has put some implant in my brain that I cannot break, as I have managed to break others? Or is it some guilt and sorrow for his own childhood suffering? I don't know. I will be thinking on it for the next few days.

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