Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stalked, and damned pissed about it.

Stalked, and damned pissed about it--especially since the Amon Ra cult forced me to walk about a mile and half. I don't mind walking--for years I loved to walk and hike for hours on end. Now, however, with my back, hips, and pelvic girdle so messed up with an anatomically incorrect and mismatched inversion and back arch, walking has become difficult and painful. I was so angry that I told myself to postpone this blog entry, because I was so hot that I might say something I regret. So, this will be a slow, careful post, especially since the netbook is emitting the noxious gas that causes my muscles to cramp and mind to cloud (another hardship bestowed by the Amon RA cult--they nabbed and altered the netbook within the first week of purchase, despite my best efforts).

Where do I begin? Well, for chronology sake, I will begin with a psychic observation that I made a couple of days ago. It was the evening after I had posted my warnings about a possible assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth. I was out in my parking lot, when I noticed a truck pull into an adjacent driveway, which I have known for years to be home to Amon RA devotees (for a while, they were actually blue-eyed Nazis, who had the blank stare of the brainwashed). I paused to get a really good look--I want to know what my enemies look like. I didn't get a really good look at the driver, but I saw a small, bent, elderly man depart the vehicle and walk to the apt. complex behind me. More important than getting a good look at their facial features, was the psychic impression that I received. My sense was that they had just came back from a major group meeting (how many fricking Amon RA cultists are living in my town--with all of their telepathy focussed on me?), during which they had been reamed for failure to alert their superiors what was transpiring in my mind for the 2-3 hours that it took me to research and write the post.

My guess is that the post enabled the good guys to surprise the Amon RA Faction 2 cells who were preparing to blow up the Parliament building (s). I hope their losses of hardware and personnel (hopefully captured rather than killed) were heavy, but any time, one of their terrorist acts is thwarted, it is a great victory for the forces allied with the Good. So, while I rejoiced, I also went on high alert, because I could tell the Amon RA cultists were pissed at being reamed on account of me. (Actually, they were reamed because they are soldiers for evil, but they are so brainwashed that they have no idea of how they are being used and abused--it is the result of intergenerational childhood abuse and mind splitting, and nothing I say or do can impact that...)

Anyway, day before yesterday I went to the bike shop for the second time in a week. Now, understand that my bike, which is not even two years old, has been in the bicycle shop over a half dozen times. Contrast that with my old bike, which I had for 12 years, and took in for a couple of tuneups and 2 or 3 inner tube changes over the years. I still had the original tires on it! With this bike, I have had to replace the inner tubes nearly half a dozen times, the tire once (I still can't figure that one out--my rear tire was nearly bald, while my front tire looks new), 2 pedals, on separate occasions were "busted" during the night, and acid has been poured on my handgrips, and soon, I will have to replace the plastic hand gear shifter, because the acid has eaten away at the rubber casing. Of course, all of this costs money--which is a real hardship for me, but the wasteful, unnecessary expense that Amon RA inflicts upon me, has become status quo. Such is my life.

However, the only exercise option still available to me is biking, so I keep pouring money into the enterprise. When I went to the bike shop on Thursday, I got a "free" inner tube to replace the one they put in less than a week before (considering how much money I have dropped there...). The proprietors of the bike shop are good people--it is just that Amon RA types flash major security badges and get what they want. I was on the alert for the youth who had originally fixed the bike--belatedly I recognized him as an Amon Ra devotee, but instead some law enforcement guy was there. I could not get a fix on him...was he a good cop or a bad cop? I hoped that he was a good cop, and since the tube was free (I wouldn't have paid for it), I let it go. That was day before yesterday.

Today, the inner tube left me stranded, which is extremely rare--and has only happened the last two times. You see, I put "slime" in the inner tube which enables it to seal, so that the tire is still usable, just sluggish. The slime has not worked the last two times. My suspicion that deliberate sabotage was being wreaked on the stem was confirmed today when a couple stopped to try to help me inflate the tube, but could not. They were Amon RA cultists, but I was in pain, and looking at walking over a mile, so I accepted their assistance. The man blew the story wide open--he showed me that the area near the stem was cut into--and thus would not hold air. When I had tried to pump up the second of my third flats, I experienced the same thing. SO...someone is either sabotaging the stem at the point of sale, or here at my home. My inner voice says "at home", but it is incredible to me that someone would engage in such high risk behavior, for I am sure that there is serious surveillance around my home. So, I am still thinking on this, but indulge me just a little further. After I got my bike home, I went to Walmart to buy some cleaning supplies. Once again, I was dogged and stalked by Amon RA in the parking lot. I checked my tires before getting in my truck (I just had a flash--in the morning, I am going to check all my lug nuts, and will continue to do so for a while). As I pulled into the alley of my parking lot, who do I see at the apt. complex staring at me purposefully--the hunched, wizened, short old man. Now, how did he know that I would be entering by the back way, instead of the front street? How did he know what time I would be pulling in? You got it--I am constantly being stalked, even while driving. Every time, I go for a bike ride, I see those Amon RA types, and they were with me every step of the way today, while I slowly walked home. As a matter of fact, it was when I read some young punk's mind, who thought it was funny that they had deflated my tires, that I finally got the necessary energy to finish the journey. Not only did I get pissed, but I got pissed in a good way. Before, I was not sure who was responsible, but once I knew, righteous anger entered and gave me the energy I so desperately needed, and the ability to block the pain from my mind. You see, I was not positive that the dog Sirians, whom I regard as possible allies and long distance kin, were not responsible. Why? Same old mind control bullshit games that I experienced for so many years at the hands of the Catholics--let's see what happens if we do THIS to her. It is such a crock of shit to expect conversion from mind control games, but I have been abused for so many years by people in whom I once put my trust, that I have come to expect such stupid betrayal and mind games, and when people you trust abuse you, it really drains you. But with Amon RA--PFFFTTTTT. They not only are my enemies, but enemies of all freedom and God-loving human beings. Truly evil. I WOULD GLADLY WALK A HUNDRED MILES, RATHER THAN YIELD AN INCH TO THE SICK, SATANIC BASTARDS.

After I had that psychic impression that the Amon RA cultists had been reamed, I was a little concerned about what they might do to me. I do not underestimate the evil that they are capable of. However, apparently they cannot harm me, or I would have been dead 20X's over by now. Still, it is frustrating to be stymied at every turn, but it has been so long since I lived even a semi-normal life, that I just deal with it as best I can. The young punk who pissed me off with his interior laughter, asked me solicitously, "Is there anyone I can call for you?". More of the same damned games--again started years ago by the Catholics and the Spiritual Life Institute--mind control and cult games--isolate someone and you can control them. Well, it doesn't work with me. However, I am going to have to be on high alert for a while, especially after the Amon RA higher ups read the rest of this posting.

I had to really ponder on how much to write about the mystery "man", "V" that I introduced a couple of days ago, not because I would let fear of what those evil bastards might do to me, but rather because I fear war, and I would keep my mouth shut if I thought my silence helped to create a true peace. However, my inner voice keeps saying to write this up, so I will (because my inner voice can be skewed by strong emotion, and I have been so het up with anger for the last few hours, I have had to calm down).

...I have decided to sleep on Part II of this--for purpose of my own clarification. Will continue tomorrow.

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