Sunday, October 30, 2011

A brief warning

A brief warning to all--I am so sick and drugged up that once again, I think the MACHINE will be able to call out unconscious alter egos--some that may not even belong to me, but have been implanted by RA, which is trying so hard to exercise dominion over my free will and soul. When I am this sick, I find it much harder to resist, so don't be surprised by anything that I utter. It is Halloween weekend, and I am pretty certain that I was ritualistically abused on that day (something MACHINE-RA knows because of my mother), so I expect the next two days to be very rough. I put my faith in God that I come out alright--and believe me, as drugged up as I am, I am going to need it. So I ask prayers from all the Good People during the next couple of days--not the petitionary kind of prayers that just feeds the evil cycle, but just simple, occasional, and brief awareness. I cannot believe how many Amon RA brainwashed devotees there are, so a little bit of unseen psychic support would be great. Protect me from the evil one, and all ITS brainwashed minions, Lord.

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