Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sometimes I hate being proved right

Sometimes I hate being proved right--like today. I knew it was going to be a bad day, and it has gotten worse and worse instead of better. I am starving for meat so went for a wendy's double burger when I went to pick up some water. Especially when i am sick, I cannot bear to drink the tap water from my home. The smell alone nauseates me. Anyway, the fast food window worker commented on how pale I looked. I was afraid i might be jaundiced again, because i can how once again my fingers look off color, but I think i am just pale from pain and suffering.

I have figured out why so many of the Amon Ra human devotees (which are followers of the reptilian Sirians enslaved to the MACHINE), have flattened nose bridges. It is because the forehead is artificially lifted so that more MACHINE organic hardware can be fitted in behind the brows and into the forehead. Some of them, literally look like they have a v shaped implant in their heads. I look more like the Nazis (look at the Norwegian shooter, but I have seen others like him, personally), who have an enlarged, high-domed forehead. I can see the literal white lines where they forced the head to elongate upwards--it runs directly parallel from my eyes. My eyes seem to be getting smaller and smaller, wile I am developing a Neandorthal brow. I tell myself not to worry too much. The more freakinsh, bizarre, and hateful I look, the more eager I will be to make a radical racial change of my choice.

It is not the look that is driving me out of my mind, so much as it is the pain and nausea. I have already taken two fiornal which is the recommended top dosage for a day (if 2 fiornal don't help me, there's not much i can do but suffer. when night comes, i can take a vicodin or two), and still I am sick with the most incredibly painful and debilitating headache pain and nause. I find it difficult to think, to read, or to even watch tv. brain cannot handle any noise at all. i do not know how much longer i can suffer this incredible pain and suffering.

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