Monday, October 24, 2011

Enduring Vengeance from V's peers

Enduring Vengeance from V's peers. V may be dead, but there is no good news for me. Apparently, after the first astral experience, I was abducted again. Bad news. My mother's husband drove me there. I was so hoping that she had dumped that evil man--she will never be free of evil as long as she is with him. Enduring Vengeance from V's peers

Anyway, what I understand now is that nearly all of the evil I am enduring now comes at the hands of what sometimes I have termed faction 2, or the Amon Ra cult. I think the reptiles are mostly wiped out. All that is left is this faction2/amon ra cult that wants to enslave humanity to the MACHINE, forever.

My brain is not thinking very well, vecause I am so drugged that i am non-functional. I desperately want to wash and oil my homemade bookcase, but i am so sick i can barely move.

This is faction 2/amon ra trying to plug me into the MACHINE--it is very important to them that i be female. they shaved my legs, and my boobs are utterly huge from estrogen downloads i am force fed. i hate it. i hate everything those motherfuckers do to me. now tht v is dead, though, they need a reptilian queen. they have assimilated the reptiles and damned if RA is not set on having an intersexed male in a woman body take over herliason role. Unlucky me--i am all that is left right now.

Why do i keep allowing myself to suffer so much at the hands of those sick, warped bastards? Dunnno. too sick to try to figure it out. house is a mess. unable to d anything bout it. hed hurts really bad. going to take some pills.

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