Monday, October 24, 2011

V, aka the Black Pakistani Cobra

V, aka the Black Pakistani Cobra, is dead--at least I think so. At the very least, the head of al-Qaida has been captured, but given her twisted and warped psyche and hate-filled heart, death would have a been a mercy for her. So, I hope that her captors showed her mercy. I am not being glib. I really felt sorry for that poor woman, and I want to do everything I can, to make sure that no other child ever has to endure the horrific and sustained abuse that she, and so many others have.

We (meaning the human race), still have a problem with the Tall Whites, not only in Pakistan, but also in Syria. I am not endorsing any call to war, but in order to safeguard future generations of humanity and our children, they will somehow have to be neutralized. For today, however, I am happy that the Cobra of Al-Qaida is dead.

My dreams tell me that I was involved somehow, but still will not join the astral community. People do not understand how difficult and anxiety-provoking joining any kind of community is. I know that it would help if I were not on drugs or estrogen, but instead, I remain so drugged that I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this. I will have to take some T-tabs, just to get enough energy to get through my morning. Very, very drugged. I can yell out how counterproductive it is--no one listens. Enough for now.

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