Saturday, October 29, 2011

From majorly pissed to majorly drugged overnight.

From majorly pissed to majorly drugged overnight. I don't know what drug I am on, but I was so drugged during the night that I had difficulty waking up from bed--at that was after 10:00 am! My face is grotesquely swollen, and I have TMJ and dental issues so bad, that I can only eat on the left side of my mouth. I am going to take a Motrin or Robaxin soon, to see if that helps with the pain. As I write this, I am so sleepy that I can barely keep my eyes open. Same old testosterone deficiency that is making life practically non-functional. I have been barely functional all day though I did manage to finish taking some notes on a book (but am too drugged to dive into the research). I also went for a fairly short bike ride, but could barely make it home--even with the help of four T-tabs. I am going to go watch TV--too sick to do anything else--besides I want to see who won Project Runway before I inadvertently spot a spoiler. Hopefully, it is available on demand--I was too sick to watch TV when it aired but now I am not so much sick as drugged. TV watching is the best way to do something worthwhile when I am in this semi-drugged, low energy state. Besides, one of the contestants is a real fox! :)--and talented too!! Talented, intelligent, beautiful women always make me feel better!

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