Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13th

October 13th--how could I forget? It is a fucking "holy day" for the fucked up, psychologically and spiritually immature, so-called "Knights Templars" who are the non-reptilians who want to castrate and force me into a facsimile of Isis for their fucked up, weenie brains, spirits, and shriveled, unused dicks. For yes, the Templars have a sick spirit, very akin to so many unfortunate celibate priests. They are extremely sexually (and thus, spiritually) immature, deny their own nature, and look to cripple the feminine, so they can continue to feel good about their own crippled manhood.

October 13th--how could I forget? Last year at this time, on the same exact day, I was in an MRI tube, ostensibly getting scanned for the cause of my back pain, but in reality to help the Templars and their Sirian allies plan on how to cut out my shoulders, back, pec muscles, chest and torso, so that I better met their idea of "feminine".

October 13th, 1307--centuries ago, how could I forget? I think I have an archetypal connection to Jacques de Molay, who was arrested on that day, tortured, and burned at the stake. If I am right, I would have been a highly intelligent spiritual seeker, who sought to know the occult mysteries, to better shed light on even previous incarnations/unconscious archetypes, as Osiris, enslaved to "The Machine".

Oh yeh, my bad, for not being mentally prepared for what the motherfucking bastard pricks who call themselves, "knights templars", did to me last night. First of all, let me say they "prepped" me with psychotropic drugs. That is why I have spent the last two days so very sick that I could barely move. I "get it" now--those drugs they give me are to completely wipe out all resistance to unconscious mind suggestion, to allow them to bring up a hidden and weak fragment of my unconscious--in short, the feminine identity, which IS NOT MY REAL, TRUE IDENTITY, but a sick, weak, and even evil fragment. After two days of barely being able to move or stay conscious, after two days of being force fed huge amounts of estrogen, on top of whatever potent psychotropic they gave me, that had me completely zoned out of reality, they get in my unconscious mind while I sleep and tease out the crippled, subjugated, "Malinche" (look it up) feminine personality they adore and worship with their own crippled, subjubgated, "Malinche" masculine spirits.

WELL FUCK YOU, YOU MOTHER FUCKERS. YOU SICK BASTARDS, YOU IMMATURE, WORTHLESS PRICKS, GO TO FUCKING HELL AND FUCKING ROT!!! That is my October 13th wish for you--that, and that Planet Earth be rid of your evil, occult asses forever!!!

I knew when I woke up this morning that I had been psychically raped in my sleep once again, for I woke up with that yucky feeling of being violated--for all you sheeple, there is NOTHING holy or spiritual about these Templars. Not only have I encountered them in an astral state, I have encountered them in reality (fucking pricks hang around my neighborhood, trying to put their evil mojo on me), and I can tell you, honestly and truly, that they have a sick, warped spirit. Maybe, back in the 13th century, they were more spiritually robust, but maybe not--I know that I would have been desperate to learn the arcane, occult mysteries so that I could better understand my fate.

Well, I don't need to join some occult, secret society to learn the arcane, occult mysteries now. Thanks to 20th century technology, I have the Internet, and while admittedly it is more laborious to reach the truth that way, I don't have to sell my soul to gain an admission ticket for the short cuts provided by secret societies, initiations, and rituals. I think that all of them are full of lies, anyway. Nope, my way is slow, but this time I damned sure am not getting tricked into stepping into my own "coffin" (metamorphosis light chamber?), and being enslaved by "The MACHINE" for generations.

Still, I cannot stop from being tricked by those sick pricks and their Sirian enablers, in my sleep, and they cut on me radically, last night. I can't even shit, now. They cut out my back muscles that I use to defecate. I have only had that experience once before in my life--the day after my back injury. The day of my injury was like every other day of my life--I had a full bowel movement in the morning. After my back injury, I sat on the toilet, but realized that I had lost the back strength to evacuate completely. The body, being adaptive as it is, learned to have two partial bowel movements in the morning, separated by an interval of an hour, since I no longer had the necessary muscular strength to complete the operation. Well, imagine my surprise, when this morning, I sat on the toilet, and realized, that just as on that day 15 years ago, I didn't have the back muscle strength to even do a bifurcated bowel movement. Instead I have had four attempts at defecation--pooping out "mini-turds", but I can never evacuate my lower bowel completely, and feel constantly miserable with constipation, though I know it is the result of muscle mechanics, rather than anything going on with my bowels. Now, thanks to the Sirians and Templars, I am going to be fucking miserable with unloadable shit in my system every day for the rest of my life. They also fucked up my ability to ride my bike. I had to stop my ride early, and could barely get home, because my legs had lost all strength and power--again, because the fucking pigs cut out my back muscles.

Well, get one thing straight, you fucking pricks. I hate everything you do to me, and have done to me. I HATE MY BODY. I HATE THE FACE I NOW SEE IN THE MIRROR. I HATE MY LOW ENERGY. I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE your vision of the feminine, AND I KNOW FOR AN INDISPUTABLE FACT, THAT IS NOT ME. You know it, too. That is why you have to prep me with drugs two days before the big, astral event, so that the lying fragment of my unconscious can come out at your (subliminally occult?--what the fuck do you Templars do all day long, living around my house?) command. I will go even further and say that I think that feminine fragment is the result of alien interference with me in the womb. GOD WILLED ME TO BE MALE!!!! That is why my DNA is male, but the aliens that were active in Detroit/Chicago at the time (and they were legion), were able to read my "pure bloodline" in the womb, and wanted me as female, since reptilians (whether Draconian reptilians or Aryan reptilians--a branch of Sirians) like queens for their hive society. So, those aliens interrupted God's plan for me, IN THE WOMB, from male to female, and that change has resulted in my life being one of constant and nearly insurmountable challenges.

I will prevail. I will get my body, or a FULLY MALE body back, and every morning, when four or five times, I strain on the toilet, because I have no back muscles, I will get my spiritual resolve to fight back against you sick motherfuckers. I will win--YOUR FUCKING GODDAMNED PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS CAN FUCK MY HEAD UP, BUT NOT FOR LONG BEFORE THEYKILL MY BODY. I WOULD RATHER BE DEAD THAN LIVE WITH THIS FUCKED UP FEMALE ENERGY; I WOULD RATHER BE DEAD THAN HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE CRIPPLED SPIRITUALITY OF PATRIARCHAL RELIGIONS--WHETHER JESUIT, SPIRITUAL LIFE INSTITUTE, OR TEMPLAR!!!! Death would indeed be preferable than life in this fucked up body, with this fucked up, crippled energy pattern, that to you bastards is "feminine".

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