Saturday, October 8, 2011

The feeling of disquiet has been amply validated

The feeling of disquiet has been amply validated--some really bad energy is popping all around the good guys right now. There may be a battle going on right now as I write this. I dreamed of doing battle last night, or actually of fencing, with a blonde woman I recognized from high school, but I interpreted that as an interior conflict in my own self. I may have been wrong. I do not have time to discern what is really going on. I am drugged and miserable, but I feel the need to lend some of my own mojo to the fight, so soon I will be drumming anyway, which should be a sight to see, since I am so high and drugged that I just want to sit and zone out. Still, even though prospects for the future may appear bleak at the moment (and certainly for me, they do), I still have a real centered confidence that everything is going to be okay. AND NO, I do not mean that I think I can accommodate myself as a "Black Isis" (more on that later) figure to the negative Sirians who want to take over this planet.

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