Monday, October 10, 2011

I am not quite so paranoid this morning

I am not quite so paranoid this morning--I know that for the past couple of days I must have been on psychotropics that were making me so paranoid, for today my mind feels much lighter and centered. Physically, I still am a wreck, with a lot of back pain and tightness caused by all the cutting. I had assumed that the Salusa contingent was still cutting on me, but now I think it was the Amon-Ra contingent. In a way, it doesn't matter who did it; it's done, and I am in incredible pain as the ever diminishing back muscles continue to shrink and spasm in reaction to the viral download. It hurts to sit. My own back muscles can't support me in a sitting posture. I have been sitting for 24 minutes, and already I know I won't be able to sit much longer, and so I skimmed rapidly through my morning paper. Pain makes it difficult to concentrate anyway.

Still, I have to say that there are legitimate reasons for my paranoia. Last night the Amon Ra psychics who are my neighbors were actively trying to access my mind (I don't know how I know--I just know). Even before I knew that they were Amon Ra devotees, even before I knew that they were psychics, they gave me the creeps. I could sense the evil spirit in them from the very beginning. So imagine my surprise last night, when after finishing my blog post, I quickly went up and opened the back door (I am a fresh air buff, and oftentimes will move spontaneously to open the door or go for a brief walk up and down the alley). What had been sitting on my roof while I wrote last night's post--the neighbor's cat! The cat had climbed up onto the house roof by jumping from my truck roof, so I moved my truck. I had occasionally seen that cat around in my parking lot, and it never bothered me before. I like animals and find it easy to ignore their inquisitiveness and territorial posturing, no matter what the species.

Now however, I am wondering if that cat is more than a cat, or if perhaps some evil entity is able to shapeshift into it. As I write this, my inner voice tells me "no", and actually I did not sense a highly intelligent soul when it jumped from my roof last night, just an animal soul. However, I live and sleep in a world where I encounter the most truly incredible realities (to my 3D, Aristotelian/Thomistic rational mind), and so I am open to everything. The poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote that "the world is charged with the grandeur of God". That line is correct, but unbalanced, for there is also a dark side, an evil side that seeps through, into the realities of our world, and after years of abuse and abduction by evil forces, I have become over-sensitized to that that dark side of reality.

I can understand now, how lesser intellects and spirits could be so swept by the hysteria of the medieval and New England witch hunts (and it still goes on today in certain areas of the world). People knew that evil was in their midst, but instead of dealing with it rationally, instead of trusting in their faith to protect them from the evil one, they got swept up into paranoid frenzies of blame and destruction.

To be honest, they were being "played" and manipulated by the forces of evil (most specifically, those occultists who are plugged into Amon RA), just as we are, today. For example, take the case of the missing baby, Lisa Irwin. As is true with so many of these abducted children or horrible crimes of family murder, there is evil alien involvement. I no longer have time to write on every single case that I see, but they are many--off the top of my head, I think of the teenage boy who killed both parents in Florida and then threw a party. I think of the Wisconsin boys who killed their mom because she wanted to play the board game, Yatzee. In all of these cases, I can tell the signs of what traditionally has been called "demonic possession" by Christians, but which I can discern and analyze even further as psychic interference by evil aliens.

Poor baby Lisa! Something is not quite right with that child, as you can tell by looking at her eyes. She has pinpoint pupils with a milky inner ring of her irises (look at young Camden Pierce and notice his pinpoint pupils in the car seat photo, when he clearly is in agony). I recognize those pinpoint pupils, for I have seen them in myself. I am under the influence of some drug download when it happens--a drug download that opens up my imaginative mind. As a matter of fact, the first time that I recognized those pinpoint pupils, was very early in my abuse experience, and I looked in the mirror, and tried to figure out what was going on with me. Because my imagination was overwhelming my sense of self in reality, and I was so new to "the game", I wondered if security forces were force feeding me LSD as part of an MK-Ultra brainwashing. I no longer think it was LSD, but instead a much more sophisticated psychotropic--probably a more controllable cousin of LSD (do you really think that drug was discovered by accident?). The viral download doesn't overwhelm my ego or connection to reality, because as an autistic, I had to develop a brain that was simultaneously strong and aware of both my imaginative unconscious and conscious, 3D reality. So I was able to resist the destructive power of that drug on the ego and sense of self. I can only imagine the evil horror of using that drug on an infant or child--before they have even individuated into an ego in healthy relationship with the outer world. Amon RA is liking them younger and younger.

Anyway, back to Baby Lisa...I am not sure what her parents know or did. No doubt, little Lisa was slated for occult sacrifice, and just as with young Camden Pierce, those pinpoint pupils indicate a state of mind that allows for the MACHINE to experience the terror of violated innocence and spiritual purity. Are her parents evil participants in the ritual...for me it is hard to tell, because they appear more like zombies (the dad) or brainwashed (the mom) The father has the tell-tale scoop marks on his arms that indicate to me he has been abducted and plugged into Amon RA. However, I am suspecting an even more insidious origin of Baby Lisa's abuse. When her mom was 8 months pregnant with her, their town experienced a rash of UFO's. I suspect that aliens are interfering with children in utero, and I wonder if that is poor Baby Lisa was marked while still in the womb (for that matter, I wonder if such interference disrupted my own natal development and caused my autism).

The other interesting point I found in the story is that the Irwin family said that the only thing in the room with Baby Lisa was a stray kitten that they had picked up that day! Now, I will admit that I do not understand the whole cat/dog identification symbolism of the various factions of the Sirians. My guess is that there are good and evil Sirians in both the dog and cat camps, and one should discern each individual on an individual basis. Nothing undermines discernment like fear, and nothing whips up fear like hysteria. Whether or not the Irwins are identified with, (or victimized by) the cat or dog faction of Amon Ra is not as important as the fact that their story is setting up unconscious fears of the felines. If one pays attention to the web, it is clear that there is a see saw battle to instill fear or homage to either one faction or another. I do not fall prey to such manipulations. No, I do not want the Amon RA cat hanging around my house, but I am not EVER going to abuse an animal. I just found the spray bottle of water that I use to scare cats, whenever they jump on and scratch up the paint job on my truck, and it is now handy in case I need it. For every living being has rights, no matter how evil. I would like to get rid of my Amon RA psychic neighbors, but there is no just way that I can do so. Do I call up the cops and say, "they are minions of evil, and they keep trying to get in my mind?". Do I bring some bogus charge against them--"they are peeping into my window"? NO, for if indeed, I am on the side of good, then I have to act justly, or I drag myself down into the evil camp as well.

Acting justly does not mean acting impotently or with timidity. I am huge on civil rights, but I cannot believe the outcry over the use of drones to kill al-Awlaki. That man not only committed treason against this country (which is a capital offense in and of itself), but he went to a foreign country and fomented actual plans of mass destruction on our homeland and citizens, which only fizzled in execution by luck or good police work. It was a matter of time until his plans and resources resulted in destructive success. For years, he had been engaged in an active state of war against this country, hiding behind the protection afforded by foreign soil, and we would be stupid patsies to do nothing but wring our hands, or wait for Yemeni forces to arrest him. I am certain that some due process of indictment and justice was afforded al-Awlaki before the kill order, but because of the secretive nature of our true government, we are largely ignorant of it. The truth will come out in the end.

In the meantime, I cannot help but be aware of and sensitive to, the constant assault by this Amon Ra clique and their devotees. Their MO is to spread dissension and chaos. Their first big success was 9/11, although all the evil factions were happy to join in the execution and spoils on that one. However, they keep up the dissension and chaos, like a steady mind control drip on an unwitting populace. It doesn't matter whether they are stirring up fears with stories of stray kittens, releasing sensitive diplomatic cables in the name of truth, creating religious dissension that leads to riots and murders, or now, funding and fomenting all the demonstrations going on around the country.

Now, I am by nature a rebel, and I have no problem with young (or older) people demonstrating to make their viewpoints known. I share their disgust at our failed institutions, especially those of the big businesses and banks, which has systematically robbed the citizens of our nation, ever since the Federal Reserve Board was instituted. However, I have witnessed disturbing elements of this movement that reveal to me that ultimately, this is just another movement of the mind control clique by the devotees of chaos--Amon Ra.

Without doubt, the most disturbing footage I saw was in Atlanta. To be fair, I didn't see the full outcome of the clip when Rep. John Lewis was trying to speak. I couldn't bear to watch it, for what I was seeing was total domination by group think hypnosis. My impression was that not only did the organizers want to develop a herd mentality, a "hive mind" (which is the ultimate goal of Amon-RA), but they did not want a mature and mellow leader like Rep. Lewis to subvert their ultimate goals, by an appeal for maturity and reason. I wish that Rep. Lewis had pulled a John McCain, and snatched that microphone from the head hypnotist's hands, and gave that crowd a good dose of true authority and common sense, but I suspect that the Amon Ra mind control hypnotists won that round. The PLT needs to be very careful, for the organizers behind these protests are sophisticated mind controllers (they were the ones behind the Chicago 1968 demonstrations, and look what that did to the Democrat Party that year), and they can cause tremendous damage to the social fabric if they can hijack the demonstrators minds. After looking at a couple of minutes at that John Lewis clip, I would say that the mind controllers are well on their way towards acceleration of their objectives.

So, for all those who wonder why I am so fearful, it is not because I am afraid of my "psychic shadow" or Black men, or maternal women, or cats or dogs or aliens. Rather, it is that I have a mediumistic personality, and I am so sensitive to all the vibrations of evil that I pick up. This is why I can anticipate their plans, and help to foil them, but it also makes me constantly edgy and spiritually insecure. Just as I feel my world is under constant assault by evil, I fear assault by constant evil myself, and I feel compelled to protect the most vulnerable part of me--my spirit. To open up and make myself vulnerable, when I am surrounded by so much evil is going to take a level of trust that I don't think I can make until I feel in a safe and secure place. In the meantime, I keep plugging away as best I can.

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