Friday, October 14, 2011

I guess that it does good to complain

I guess that it does good to complain--something has been done to my intestines which has somewhat normalized them to pre-back injury status. I still do not have the back muscle strength I had, but I am guessing that my nightly abductors were able to revitalize nerves to my gut. This is important because actually a lot of neurotransmitters are conveyed this way. It certainly has lessened my anxiety and compulsive behaviors that I experience during the viral download, but still I suffer from autism, and its related behaviors. I also experienced severe hypoglycemia today, and my urine has that pungent nitrogen smell again. I also had the nasal congetion and slimy mouth of too much estrogen, and came down with a bad sinus and "GABA" headache. Now, I am posting this, as I go to take a vicodin because the brain rushes are interfering with my sleep again. Am I on drugs? I am finding it very difficult to concentrate or even watch an intense show. I think a lot of drugs are being experimented on me, all in one day. I am going to bed, and hope tomorrow is better.

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