Monday, October 31, 2011

There was no satanic abduction last night

There was no satanic abduction last night (at least that I can recall), but I woke up so drugged and estrogen heavy that I could barely move on awakening. I had to take 4 T-tabs just to be able to open my eyes (so I could handle the amount of visual stimulation), and read the morning paper. Did a half-baked job--but enough to know that there is no imminent danger. That is a good thing because when I am so estrogen heavy, i am not capable of critical reasoning, and my intuition dims to the point of near extinction. So, maybe this is the way Amon RA would like to keep me, except of course my mental stimulation in this drugged up state is no fun for IT, either.

I can force myself to try to work out some knotty problems--know where I need to go next--I have "ghosts" from the grave, "visiting" me in my sleep, asking for justice. Anytime, I have an obligation weighing on me, it just drags me down. However, i don't thinkk today is the day. Lot i need to do around house still, and when i can barely move, it will take a while. So I am hoping for justanother day or two respite, and hope i feel better, but it will happen. I promise.

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