Monday, October 10, 2011

More in the paranoid vein

More in the paranoid vein...I wish I could say with a rueful chuckle, that all my paranoia is in my head, but it is not. I ran a couple of chores today, and I was stalked by Amon Ra devotees. I was in the bicycle shop, checking in my bike, and I believe that a man who entered after me was an Amon Ra psychic. I had decided earlier, while at home, and then again, at the shop, that I would stop at KFC on the way to my next task. Talking about church revivals with Dale last Friday, has left me craving some good old, southern fried chicken ever since then. I tend to forget at home, that the Amon RA psychics know my every thought--whether it was at home or in the bicycle shop, the psychics got into my mind, and a woman in a pickup followed me into the KFC driveway. She was ostensibly talking on the phone, as I slowly departed, then followed me inside, where she either electromagnetically zapped me or drugged me. I was aware of her behind me, but did not snap, because when I feel emotion towards people, and especially unexpected emotion, I go into an autistic state, which is a very withdrawn and introverted state. I departed slowly, and heard her say something like, "I called in a chicken order", but I had enough presence to watch her exit the restaurant a minute later--empty handed. However, I became very sick and autistic, so much so that I was barely in reality as I stood in line at my second destination, Comcast, where I was returning a cable box. The store was crowded and noisy, and it took rational effort on my part to fight back paranoia and autistic hostility (which is where I have a negative response, just because there is too much stimuli coming at me). I also came down with a migraine, so much so, that I had to take a fiornal, and still I am not in good shape. I arrived home safely, just drugged and sick with a migraine, and the realization of a needle injection pinprick under my left ear.

Today's encounters with the Amon RA devotees remind that I am being terrorized and mind controlled, just as they try to herd and agitate the sheeple. For by their constant sabotages and electromagnetic zaps, they create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia in me, that carries over. Sometimes I catch myself saying, "I don't trust anyone", but yet I do. It is just such hard work to constantly be on alert trying to figure out who is a good guy or who is a bad guy. The Amon Ra mind game players have taken to wearing long sleeved black shirts, oversized glasses and large billed hats on the bike trail. Why? I think they want to "pass" as Black people, and gauge my reaction. More mind game playing.

So what to do? I know this is happening. I know that I withdraw from reality when I see it happening (except sometimes when I feel really sick, and then it pisses me off, and I let them "have it", whether by stare or verbal remark. I have to learn to fight my own autism in those situations. Instead of withdrawing, observing, and blogging about it afterward, I have to learn how to engage these psychics--whether evil or good--when I encounter them, instead of blocking my mind with song lyrics. It probably won't help, much. I could not have stopped the woman from zapping me, and almost certainly the Amon Ra people are having some kind of detrimental modification done to my bike, so that I will get very sick when I ride it, but I am tired of those sick bastards and rotten perverts thinking that they are getting away with something. No matter how autistic I feel, I have to learn a mental discipline to pull myself out of it, when faced with those situations. Maybe that can give me the inner power and strength to fight back when they abduct me. For THEY are the ones abducting me, cutting on me, giving me injections, and I think implanting subliminal mind control images that carry over inappropriately to penalize the people and aliens who are trying to help me. Thus, it would not surprise me in the least to learn that they might have implanted a fear of the positive Sirian technological chambers within my psyche. Yesterday, I had a profound negative reaction to a picture of Hillary Clinton, and again, I would not be surprised if they are the ones using subliminal images with torture mechanisms, such as electro shocks, to imprint a negative response in my non-rational brain (for it is so hard to fool me, rationally). So, I am going to have to exercise that rational function, and force myself to really be present in encounters with strangers on the street. Whether they are good guys or bad guys, I must interact with them in a proactive way, instead of withdrawing into my autistic shell, for that is the KaBalist secret weapon against me. They may be sick, warped people who can make me feel really lousy all day long, but I have to learn to confront their evil asses (however obliquely) consciously, so that I can do so unconsciously. Otherwise, they will continue to torture and overwhelm me in their astral abductions.

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