Sunday, October 16, 2011

I may not know who I trust

I may not know who I trust, but I know who I don't trust. I don't trust the aliens/occult humans who continue to abduct me at night. They are either Amon RA devotees or dog-identified Sirians who are plugged into the MACHINE (and have a very yucky evil spirit). Whether they are cat or dog identified, is secondary to the fact that they are MACHINE-RA identified and dominated. I know they are the ones abducting me, because they keep pulling out my hands from the wrists (easy to spot--it leaves a fresh, white band on my tanned, brown skin). It also is easy to spot, because I long ago identified those elongated hands and abnormally long fingers, as markers for humans who are evilly occult and plugged into the MACHINE. You can imagine my dismay, at looking down on my wrists as I type this, and seeing those hateful, bizarre, elongated wrists. Then, to top that off, I am force fed so much estrogen, that once again, I am sticky wet between my legs. I don't know if this is a normal response to excessive amounts of estrogen or not, but it is DRIVING ME FUCKING CRAZY. (Probably, they give the prospective female massive amounts of testosterone, but they don't do that to me, because they are terrified of masculinizing their imaginary, Isis kewpie doll).

Anyway, writing this helps. Somehow, it makes me feel better to articulate my misery and suffering, and it gives me hope that some day, some way, I will get a body back in which I can be comfortable, and of which I will feel the proud, natural owner. Now, I just feel like a slave, yanked one way, then another, as the evil occult people do their constant manipulations on me.

I am on some kind of drug, too. I know, because not only could I not dream last night, but I am unable to emotionally respond to any music today. I am a music lover, and yesterday, I was perfectly normal. Today, I cannot bear to listen to even classical music--not only do I not "feel it", but it gets on my nerves.

So what do I do in this messed up body that drives me crazy? Plod along. I have to hope that somehow God or the good is going to come to my assistance--"Lord make haste to help me". On a day like today, when I cannot even listen to music, I will have to focus on simple things--cleaning my home, watching TV, ect. I am too drugged to continue. Need to lay down.

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