Thursday, October 20, 2011


Worries. The future of the planet hinges so precariously on cooperation between various factions--all of whom have their own interests and prejudices---factions between human national states vs. other human national states, alien factions vs. alien factions, and finally the most tricky of all--humans, nation states, and aliens all cooperating together. For only a truly innovative and globally concerted effort is going to prevent the highly negative future as predicted by Cliff High and his web-bot software program.

I was listening to an interview with him last night, and his predictions, based on the linguistic software that he uses to scour the sites are pessimistic. First of all, he predicts a very harsh winter for this country (and I would go so far as to say Britain and northern Europe). I think the area of the country most vulnerable lies along the delta plains of the Mississippi river and its feeder tributaries. For, just as last year, cabal factions want to freeze/thaw the ground and flood the rivers, all to soften that area up for a Madrid earthquake that blows out our heartland, and creates an inland sea from the Gulf to the Great Lakes. I expect that the winter will strike early and hard, and last all season long. I can only hope and pray that our scientists will be able to figure out how tothwart such a harsh winter.

Cliff High's linguistic programs foretell of economic collapse and disaster. Again, I can only hope and pray the patriots of the world have an alternative plan to enact, once the euro and dollar start crashing. My hope is, that so much of the creative and proactive financial planning, crafted by our Patriot Leadership Team, and beneficent patriots from countries around the globe, has been done in utmost secrecy. Thus, the linguistic web bots are just not able to pick up the (hopefully) creative, transitional financial framework that is waiting in the wings. However, dealing with such large and high-powered players as the world's nation states and power brokers, everything is so fragile. I just hope the good guys can keep it together, understanding the devastating global misery that will result, if they cannot. Nothing I can do about this, but continue to pray.

Finally, once again, I am on high alert for a possible assassination of a world leader--of course, it would be one of the "good guys". I stridently urge all good guys to take the utmost precaution in all public AND private appearances. If one is very high profile, have psychics reconnoiter all locations and audiences. One cannot be too careful.

I especially am concerned about Queen Elizabeth's trip in Australia. I was a little surprised to see that she is not using a double. Maybe at her age, death does not scare her. However, even she is certainly sensitive to the upheaval that regicide can wreak on the social fabric of the monarch's country (ies). A lot of people, especially those who identify with Faction 2, hate the House of Windsor, and certainly I understand their arguments. However, I really believe that Queen Elizabeth has tried to do the best she can for the forces of good for decades now, all the while being under the domination of the reptilian elites, both personally, and as titular head of government. In my opinion (and not being British, I don't have the time or energy to go into it), she is more of a victim than a perpetrator of the reptilian faction. Besides, no matter what, I do not like seeing anyone assassinated, and in her case, it would not be just an individual that would be murdered, it would be an assault upon the institutional underpinnings of the entire British commonwealth. Such an attack could precipitate fractures and stresses in the fragile, and as yet, covert, global framework and alliance which (I hope), is preparing for the rescue and response to the inevitable and imminent global economic collapse. Thus, it behooves all "good guys", including this staunch American patriot, to toast to "Her Majesty's continued good health".

Of course, as usual, I am basing all of this on intuitive hunches that may or may not be accurate. Practically speaking, I looked over the monarch's remaining itinerary, and identified what I think is the most likely time and location for a cabal attack--it is when she and her consort will be at a reception hosted at the futuristic Parliament building in Canberra. If any politico has declined to RSVP that function there, I would be very worried. You see, I have identified occult elements in that building. The prime minster who oversaw its construction--Bob Hawke was a satanist--probably of the Amon Ra variety. The building was constructed by a corrupt unionist that ran over project costs by 750 million dollars--almost certainly all of it siphoned off into corrupt cabal pockets. The spire that overhangs it, is in the shape of an A-frame. This is the obverse of the V symbol that is used by Amon RA types.

The "A" can be found in a lot of occult symbolism--NASA, Lockheed Martin, and most interestingly, an "A" symbol was spray painted on the Pentagon wall, right beside the blast hole of the MISSILE that attacked it on 9/11. The movie, "V for Vendetta" is only a hidden, if obverse symbol for the same occult cabal crowd. In that movie, the V character blows up a Parliament building. It happens on the fifth of November--another day that will be fraught with peril, and I would recommend that all European parliamentary buildings (especially in London), and our own US capitol, be on high alert that day.

However, I think that an attempt to assassinate Queen Elizabeth will happen before then. In the movie, "V for Vendetta", the central character, "V" is a man(?), horribly scarred by a government/religious institution-sanctioned experiment of biological warfare, involving institutionalized children. While tens of thousands die, allowing a repressive, conservative dictator to emerge (no more monarch in Britain), "V" somehow escapes with superhuman powers and plots his/her revenge. In the news recently (at least in the "real" news--not the MSM), a lot of attention has been placed on freshly revealed mass graves of Indian children at a residential school in Canada. The evidence clearly indicates, that under the auspices of the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, dozens, if not hundreds of children died as the result of abuse, torture, and very possibly, biological experimentation (not that hard to imagine--after all, it is well documented that, in at least one instance, Indians in this country were given blankets infested with measles bacilli--to which the Indians had no immunity). I am not suggesting that any government or institution has committed genocide. All it takes is one, or a few evil people, to act covertly and tremendous, if not irreparable harm can be done.

The Indian children were highly vulnerable as minorities in a society which really did not look out for their welfare, while their own parents were likewise dis-empowered by their minority status. It also is an indisputable truth that there has been a minority of evil that has run through religious institutions (of all confessions), for centuries, and evil always looks to violate and destroy the weakest and most innocent among us--children. Thus, evil was allowed to flourish in this Canadian Indian school for years. A really huge power broker in the Amon RA--"A" or "V" cult is Maurice Strong, who is himself Canadian. I am wondering if he has an accomplice of equal evil stature--though someone who has remained behind the scenes. Perhaps that man is a Canadian aborigine, or perhaps he, like "Michael Prince" the supersoldier, was abducted, abused and traumatized as a young boy by operatives of Faction 1 (the reptilians)in western Canada, which gave him incredible ESP gifts and skills, but left him filled with hatred and desire for vengeance. Who knows, but maybe Michael Prince WAS traumatized at that Mohawk school. Certainly, Indian children have innately superior psychic potential. There is no doubt in my mind that evil forces (of BOTH Faction 1 and Faction 2) would have attempted to exploit that, as Michael Prince's story bears out. He originally was abducted by Faction 1 and initially traumatized somewhere in the Canadian Rockies), but then, he was kidnapped again, the second time by Faction 2, which exploited his super psychic skills and services (a direct result of the terrible abuse and psychotronic implants he endured as a child) into adulthood. Maybe Prince has some idea of who this man is.

As titular head of the British government for the last 65 years, head of the Church of England, and the most visible (even if, I believe, a reluctant and unwilling) symbol of those who carry the reptilian, shape-shifting virus, Queen Elizabeth is the target of this wounded man's hatred. It is a hatred that not only would destroy her, but the entire world, in an attempt to vent the pain and fury from his horribly abused, and traumatized psyche and heart. Some misguided people think that all of this social chaos has the primary objective of bringing down the Federal Reserve--something on which all good people (including myself), of various backgrounds, can agree. However, there is an evil in the hearts of so many of these Amon-RA devotees, that the destruction and suffering they plan, is beyond all proportionate measure, and would wreak destruction and pain on a scale from which it would take the world decades to recover.

In Greece, I read where helmeted and masked rioters are attacking the peaceful rioters--that is Amon-RA, "V" working his hate. They are not interested in change for the better. It is all about, "burn, baby, burn"--destruction and chaos. Likewise, they do not care if they sacrifice their own occult building in Canberra, which is quite beautiful really, and a true symbol of artistic and public function pride for Australians. My guess is that there may already be a nuke hidden in the building somewhere, placed when it was built. Or maybe there is some secret tunnel or entrance that only the occult cabal knows about (for certainly Bob Hawke was an Amon RA devotee, and he would have passed on the info to an occult heir). The union that constructed this building, was corrupt, and led by a militant Communist. $750 million buys you a lot, and Commies are just as materialistic as capitalists.
Another possibility may be that the occult forces will use that "A"/"V" spire as a transmitter for an energy weapon laser blast from a UFO (I can't get it out of my head). One thing I can guarantee you, is that conventional security (while it should be heightened) will not be enough.

So, I close by once again, stating as a proud American deeply concerned about and committed to the future welfare of this entire planet, "You Majesty, I toast to your continued health." Take very good care, and exercise supreme caution for the next couple or three weeks--AND THAT CAUTIONARY, I WOULD EXTEND TO ALL LEADERS WHO ARE PATRIOTS!!!

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