Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nighttime battles and daytime drugs

Nighttime battles and daytime drugs--and still barely functioning. I may be on lithium again--I was having brain rushes last night, though not so relentless and disrupting as normal. However, I was depressed all last night, and have been depressed all day, so much that I literally couldn't concentrate enough to finish my first Internet reading until after 2 pm! I normally complete reading the "morning paper", by my second cup of coffee--within an hour of awakening. I have too drugged and lazy to do much of anything except eat sugar, in hopes that it will somehow get me enough energy to get up and accomplish something, anything.

There are interesting thoughts fomenting in my head, but I am not able to make connections--whether as a result of the drugs, or just because I am not able to work out ideas, I don't know. I feel okay, though I am certain that I have major players still wanting to drag me down into living life as a crippled female. The only problem with that scenario is that I have no creative or emotional energy to share with or give the world in that state, and so it is today.

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