Saturday, March 31, 2012

24 hours without sleep

24 hours without sleep. fucking goddamned head is fucking rushing again. legs are cramping so bad form goddamned motherfucking estrogen that even with 3 fish oils, cant sleep. of course, the goddamned fish oil was tampered by the piecce of shit motherfuckers of faction 2. sick and fucking tired of palying fucking games withe these fucfkin g sons of bitches. i have been so fucking sick with their fu cking goddamned drugs for over three fucking days now, and now i cant fucking sleep. take your fuckiing goddamnedd shit you goddamned mother fuckers of faction 2 and shove it up your goddamnedc ass. I know your stupidass games, and gess what, it aint fucking gonna work. FUCK EVERY GODDAMNED PILL PUSHER, MIND CONTROLLER, AND TORTURER NAZI OF FACTION 2...AND FUCK YOUR GODDAMNED RISPERDOL AND YOUR FUCKING GODDAMNED DRUGS AND YOUR GODDMANED FUCKING FUCKED UP, MESS ED UP, TOTALLY ERRONEOUS, GODDAMHNED VISION OF ME. KEEP OUT OF MY FUCKING HEAED. MY BRAIN FREQUENCIES ARE NOT YOUR FRUCKING GBODDAMNEED PLEASURE OR YUSE. NOT NOW. NHOT FUCKING GODAMN ED EVER

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