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Continuation of previous post--6th entry

Continuation of previous post--6th entry:

This entry is a true stab in the dark. I am not exactly sure of what is going on, except to know that I am in danger. Even worse, I can tell by watching the news, the world is in imminent and critical danger. I have had a lot of computer problems, and have feared that writing anything would actually make a dire situation even worse. However, I have reached the point where my fear of what is going to happen if nothing changes, is greater than what could happen if I continue my original expose trajectory. So here goes:

This series of posts hopes to reveal how dangerous and even malevolent, the clique known as Faction 2 is. They are really powerful. As a matter of fact, it is clear that they are the prevailing power on the planet, now, and like evil power everywhere, they are looking to consume our world with world-wide conflagration. I am going to disrupt my chronology, just to let the reader know what I think happened just today, a few hours ago.

As earlier posts should have made clear, Gene C Valentine, the Faction 2 financial mastermind and one of the top, if not the top, men in the F2 KaBal is not only a pervert, but he's more than a little nuts. He has become obsessed about sex with PF and I, and went to crazy lengths to obtain it. He was the one involved in the strange, telepathic rape attempt that I wrote about (I think it happened around March 1), in which I was drugged with something, and then experienced two evil presences, trying to get me to have sex with them. Then he literally moved into a neighbor's house, implanted sexual implants in my body, and began the telepathic "wooing" process again. Of course, I was completely creeped out by this, and was having none of it.

The posts I wrote day before yesterday finally got attention--from other members of the Faction 2 clique, who while keeping PF and I in psychic check (Unable to free ourselves from Faction 2 in the astral realm), were able to apprehend GCV. After all, he was making them look bad, but being a band of occult brothers, and embracing the same fraternal ethos as Catholic priests, their paramount obligation was to take good, enabling care of him, while protecting their own order and prestige. So they placed him in a psychiatric facility at the University of Pittsburgh. I think that this gesture by Faction 2 was ultimately an insincere attempt by them to convince the larger world that Faction 2's sinister ultimate objectives, as briefly sketched by me, were all caused by the "deplorable" actions of this one "bad apple". I am sure they "wrung their hands", and made phone calls talking about "hysterical women", and "regrettable sex obsessions" that men sometimes develop, and promised to take care of the issue by incarcerating GVC and giving him psych treatment.

I think that was a deliberate lie. I believe that while they were putting on a smiling, accommodating face to the rest of world, they already were laying plans in place to free GVC from the psychiatric facility at U of Pitt. I think that I helped to apprehend him in the astral realm, and he had been in the psych facility anywhere from 24-48 hours. The MSM is reporting about the U of Pitt incident, but of course, they are missing the real point of the story.

How do I know that the University of Pittsburg is where GVC was placed? Aaah. Well of course, my intuition could have told me, but actually it was my reason that actually led me to make the definitive connection. You see, in the past few days, I have clearly identified the University of Pittsburgh as a major center for Faction 2 mind control. Now, Pittsburgh and much of PA has been a hotbed of the occult for decades, if not centuries, but a recent MSM video post about research done at the U of Pitt Medical Center, clicked an "aha" realization of how I was being manipulated by Faction 2 in my astral state while asleep.

The video explained that the U of Pitt scientists had been able to determine exactly which neuron bundles in the brain had been "broken", through injury, which resulted in neurological dysfunction. Now as I watched that 10 minute video, I realized that this research development was being used to manipulate my own brain.

You may recall I wrote about "Little Boy Lost" and his crush on me, because I "looked him in the eyes" in the astral state. Well, as I watched this video on the research being done, I KNEW that research had been applied to me. Faction 2 scientists know more about autism than anyone else on the planet--that is why they push the vaccination agenda. They get their information from their evil Grey allies, who are looking for new slaves/drones to add to their hive collective. Thus, Faction 2 actively promotes autism, AND they know how to lessen the symptoms through brain manipulation (of course, this is using alien and astral technology). GVC, and his scientist/doctor associates were able to identify which bundles of neurons in my brain had been "broken", thus making it difficult for me to look into people's eyes, and using alien nano-technology, they repaired them. I really want to say that those neural bundles were "switched off", a result of natural born autism, aggravated by vaccination, and they "flipped" them back on, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Now, why would GVC do something like these. Oh, Mr. Perv has been a very busy boy, flipping all kinds of switches in my brain, but for now, let us just say that he, like all other evil, control freaks and handlers, just enjoys seeing the reaction and responses of the powerless to his power moves. Not only he, but the entire Faction 2 clique has been "flipping switches" in my brain for years now, which is why I wake up, full of rage in the morning, when I realize that during my astral state, unconsciously, I had undermined and sold out my own true self identity, apparently acting like a "girl", engaging in anal sex and oral sex with men--none of which would ever happen consciously. Anyway, this most recent "flipping" just happened--all part of GCV's grandiose and delusional seduction scheme. An essential part of the plan was deliberately using Little Boy Lost (I probably should not be so hard on him--he is completely mind controlled, and no doubt, GCV was flipping switches in his brain, too), and setting me up, "to look in his eyes". Since of course, I never do that, I would be fascinated. Anyway, since watching that video, I have tried to look other people in the eyes, and I cannot, EXCEPT for the clone that turned out to be GCV.

So, let us talk about "flipping switches", because honestly, that is the source of so much of Faction 2's power, and it should give any reader or would be ally of Faction 2 significant pause, as they realize the monstrous dimensions of their power grab of humanity's spirit and free will. The brain is essentially a supercomputer, way more advanced and powerful, than any inorganic, hardware computer you can imagine. As a computer, it runs on, and operates through the transmission of "bytes" of information--the 1's and 0's, which just streams out in infinite variations. When you have sex arousal, there is a certain code stream of 1's and 0's that initiate, accompany, and terminate it, when you wash dishes, there is a certain code stream of 1's and 0's that initiate, accompany, and terminate it, when you smell a infinitum. Now nanotechnology has been placed in our body, through vaccinations, astral injections, and chem trails. This nanotechnology can not only read and/or disrupt our brain/body codes, but can actually transmit the data back to nefarious "handlers", which can then use the covert nanotechnology lurking in our brains/bodies to alter or flip the switches, that act as packet stations of bytes (1's and 0's), so that we do things we would normally never do.

Now, the use of the nanotechnology on a large scale has been inefficient, though that of course is changing, with each passing day. It takes a lot of work to crack an individual's idiosyncratic codes. So most people, the "sheeple" have been mind controlled through institutions like religion or mass media. It is only the "special", chosen few like myself, who get the personal attention of the Dr. Mengele's and their superpowerful computers. Now, the reason that this work is so tedious, is because the "good guardians" deactivated 10 of 12 strands of DNA, centuries ago. There are no switches to flip, because the machinery (DNA/neural pathways) has never been turned on. They can't steal your car, because only two cylinders are working, and for some reason, if they do, they just can't drive it away from you very far.

There is an illustration at the bottom of the following web page that demonstrates this better than I can explain, if you have a good scientist to translate it for you. My intuition "gets it", but I don't have the language to explain it. This illustration is found on the web page of former Navy SEAL (READ Faction 2) Frank Sowa, whose Xavier Group is associated with GVC AND the University of Pittsburgh:

However, humanity's DNA genetic code is changing, and the latent strands are reactivating. Even if aliens and hybrids, both good and evil, were not activating our latent DNA through viruses and nanotechnology, the good old days of "two-strand DNA" are gone. The Earth is entering an astrophysical region of space, and the molecules that will be impacting us from that, are going to "push" the activation of multiple strands of DNA, no matter how dumbed down or resistant we want to be. The process may be slow and take a few generations, but once it starts to happen, our brains will be much more open to being "hacked" by mind controllers who will use the transmission and capture of our code information to start flipping switches. The potential for damage is horrendous, even unto irrevocable soul enslavement and loss. Believe me, I have experienced the power of this brain "FLIPPING INSANITY", and I am not exaggerating.

Yet this is the future that Faction 2 is attempting to implement. You see, the Nazis started it, by contacting evil Greys in the 1930's, then spatial-temporal rifts were exacerbated by such things as Faction 2 (Freemason) nuclear weapons testing, until finally these Faction 2 human scientists were working so closely with evil aliens, that they don't even realize how their own humanity has been thoroughly corrupted. The danger is especially potent when these high-ranking Faction 2 personnel, have activated latent strands of their own DNA, and now, are not only morally corrupt, but have many of the same "turbo-charged" abilities of aliens and aliens/hybrids.

You see, I think (but am not certain),that the movie, "The Matrix" has got it right. I think that a person can take "the red pill" and expand their minds/bodies and abilities way beyond this 3D realm, so familiar to us Terrans. Now, what that red pill is--whether a gateway, an injection, or a "jump room", I don't know, because even though I think it has been tried on me, it has never worked--my DNA is not narrow enough; one or another strain of my genes always objects, and undermines the process. Now, one would hope that a moral standard would be used to gauge the worthiness of a person, before offering them the red pill, and maybe it is. If so, the Greys/MACHINE-RA are corrupting the turbo-charged humans AFTER they take the red pill, and that could well be the case, because once multiple strands of DNA are activated, the switches of the brain become much easier to hack and "flip".

I think that nearly all high-ranking Faction 2 leaders have been thus compromised, and I believe that is because the source of their power is corrupt--it is a gift from the "Greys"--the codes and technology needed to hack into our brains. As I said, Faction 2 and GCV has turned "flipping" me into a personal project for a couple or more of years now, and let me tell you, no one has access to, or exercises that kind of power without becoming evil. Yes, we all aim to influence people, but to deliberately change or alter code in someone's neural transmissions, demonstrates a total lack of regard for human free will, and thus, our very soul essence.

I know that many people are attracted to Faction 2, because they want to overthrow the Rothschild/reptile rule on this planet, and because they long for a world justice to overturn centuries of slavery. However, do not forget what the source of the Rothschild power is. It goes back to King Solomon. From some alien, he learned how to control the evil reptilian demons, and this ability gifted their followers with occult knowledge and power, including how to prosper from an inequitable financial system. There was only one problem. The reptiles would share that knowledge, but it entailed the sacrifice of high status reptilian slaves--such as my genetic children, nieces, and PF.

"Meet the old boss, same as the new boss". Faction 2 despises the reptiles, but they have made an alliance with a thoroughly depraved faction of Greys, who will give them technology to rule the world, and control their population. All they want in return is the recompense of slaves--not only the mental slavery of a GCV who cooperated with his own soul loss, but they want billions of innocents, co-opted into an autistic hive mind. Because of my autism, because I have spent months of my life on emotion numbing psychotropics, and because I have experienced brief periods of being plugged into the MACHINE, I can tell you, that being nothing but a MACHINE mind with no access to emotions, is pure suffering. I would not wish that fate on anyone.

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