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Part II to previous post re: imminent biological attack

Part II to previous post re: imminent biological attack on US soil. Once again, I am having to split up my posts because I fear that the boy posse of the Faction 2 psychic juvenile corps might intercept them. They live 2 doors down away from me, and I have already experienced their electronic jamming equipment. Nasty, dirty boyz, let me tell you--it's no fun living anywhere near them. However, such is my personal karma--which I will delve into, once urgent matters are out of the way...

Anyway, why do I think the attack would be biological? Well, first of all, my intuition tells me so. Secondly, there is the Jim Dunnigan piece. Then there is the common sense awareness that Americans are tired of being "played" regarding Iran and their nuclear program. The American public was fooled into believing the Bush administration lies about WMD in Iraq, and I believe the longevity and myriad of attempts to lies re: the Iranian nuclear situation has the general American public wary of taking the bait once more. Of course, I know that Israel destroyed all of Iran's nuclear facilities, back in October, (I think--search for the "mysterious explosions" in autumn 2011), and that before then, Iran had had nuclear capability, probably for years. However, as I watch the news, trying to imagine myself as John Ignorant-Citizen Buck, I can definitely smell a rat from a mile away.

Yes indeed, the Naval War College boys in Monterey had to come up with something that had a little different of a twist. Besides, the weapons of mass destruction that was available to them was BIOLOGICAL, not nuclear. Now, ever since the TV series on NBC last year (I can't remember the name--the one with the Black president who nearly gets assassinated), I have had inner intuitive certitude that there is (are) an alien faction out there, that has BIOLOGICAL weapons of mass destruction. I cannot be sure, but I think they may self-identify as "the Broncos"--the various occult factions appropriate sports teams names, the better to speak in code amongst themselves.

Now, why would the "Broncos" want to do this? They are not like Faction 2, with their Tall White patrons of the hidden Nibiran planet, that wants to destroy the Earth, because that is their vision of history, and sick puppies that they are, their way of trying to control it. According to the TV series, this Sirian clique just wants to appropriate the planet Earth for themselves, getting rid of the "inferior species" (yep, that is us, you and me), in order to make room. However, there is a planet that can be used as a new home for the misplaced Sirian refugees. Unfortunately, I think it has been stolen by the KaBal, specifically the occult Bush family, and maybe Cheney is now there as well. However, I think their "squatting" there will be very short term, and humans and the smart and virtuous Sirians will be able to join together and get it back in the near future.

So maybe the "Broncos" have a "bad attitude" problem, or maybe a leadership problem. In the long run, it doesn't matter, because if they succeed in setting off that biological WMD, it will not only destroy millions of humans, but also undermine the umbrella of Sirians/aliens-human cooperation which has already accomplished so much. The various Sirian factions and families have a pristine, new planet waiting for them, if they could just put behind them, the hostilities and hurts of millenia and centuries past.

However, there is still yet ANOTHER, a fourth (USN Faction 2, Tall Whites/Cheney, the "Broncos") faction involved--the cult of Amon-RA. The saddest part of this particular chapter of KaBal is that I believe the Turkish leader, Erdogan, has been "flipped". He is in Korea now, shaking hands with the Barack Obama clone, and my reading of recent current events regarding him and Turkey is that he now is on the side of the KaBal. I have always had the greatest respect for Erdogan. He has been a Patriot, through thick and thin, even when the people of his country were deliberately targeted and victimized. It would have been so easy for him to acquiesce and join the KaBal, but instead he had massive sized manhood and heart, and stuck by the Good. Now, he is flipped, and given his history, I don't think that it was a failure of courage or virtue. I think that there is something literally physical going on with his brain--namely, that it has been invaded by the parasitical spiders of Amon-RA--which, speaking from personal experience, can drive even the strongest man crazy with pain and rage.

How did this happen? Through David Petraeus, for whom I have NO respect; he has just flipped too many times and too easily. He has the same flaw as Obama--his overweening and immature ambition makes him susceptible to being a pawn for the KaBal, though he has not engaged in the level of murderous and traitorous behavior as Obama. Let's hope he never has the opportunity. However, he surely has messed up Erdogan's life. Petraeus made an "unexpected visit" to Ankara on March 14th. A couple of days later, Erdogan cancelled a trip to Germany, which I believe was to have been a Patriot engagement--this cancellation was the first indicator of his "flip". Now, Petraeus has flipped before, but I see something new in photos of him, this time around. This page comes from the "Kurdpress" (which makes me wonder what kind of terrorist weapons the Kurds/PKK and the Iranian/MEK now possess--Amon-RA spiders?). Check out his hands: meets Erdogan in Ankara%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09

Petraues is being hormonally "pushed" by the Amon-RA clique of reptiles, and it shows in his hands. Another interesting photo that caught my eye while researching this is one of Obama:

Actually, this photo is NOT of Obama, but rather one of his clones or doubles. However, whoever is responsible for presenting himself as Obama, has flipped. You see, the doubles or clones, are usually there, because the Patriots have the real Barry, incarcerated. The clones cooperate with the Patriot movement, and usually I can spot them a mile off, because they are so much more gifted and naturally friendly than the Barry himself. This one however, made me do a double-take. I can read the hatred on his face, from a mile away. Yet, I have verified that while he has the hate and contempt of Barry, this man is not Obama. So, whatever faction is responsible for presenting Obama's double, needs to be scrutinized as well.

Now, I need to take a break before writing anything else. I am in a lot of pain...the suffering and humiliation that I have to go through, to dredge this information up from the sewer minds and hearts of the pervs who are in on this shit, is more than you can imagine. But, God willing, I will start letting you in on some of it, shortly.

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