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Continuation of previous post--3rd entry

Continuation of previous post--3rd entry:

So how did the lives of PF, Gene C Valentine, and very recently, mine (remember when I told you about the date rape drugging and distinct evil presences from a few days ago?) get intertwined? PF was born and bred to be a slave from birth--specifically a hard core sex slave. She is not the only one of my immediate hybrid family to do so--the same fate has been experienced by some of my hybrid daughters and nieces. You see, the Nazi geneticists treat human beings like test subjects--let's take one set of the exact same genes and violently abuse and hypersexualize one from birth, while with the other, we push a huge guilt complex regarding sex and a religiously stifling fear and contempt of sexuality, and let us see what happens. Well, I was the latter one, and speaking most objectively--none of my deep feelings cloud my assessment--I was the latter one, and the lucky one. I know of some of the abuse that she experienced, and it is overwhelming--I mean, as I try to figure out how to write this, I am overwhelmed in thinking of how to put it in words. There is plenty of evidence out there to corroborate it--other sexual slaves have spoken out--Arizona Wilder and Cathy O'Brien, and the story of young Michael Prince is heartrending, too.

I will not focus much on the specifics of the abuse, except to say that the torture began at a very young age. I really don't know the exact specifics, though she has written a book and given interviews about some of it, which I read over 20 years ago, and knew at the time, THAT IT WAS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I also will refer the reader to video interviews of the above mentioned slaves, for the torture and physical and mental abuse all share the same similarities. Thus, the remote viewers (and PF is a top-notch and superior remote viewer, and has been for years) talked of being put in freezing water, when they were very young--3 or 4 years old, so that they would learn to master disassociation from their bodies. The women have written of being introduced to unremitting and painful sexual abuse from their earliest years, so that they never had any sense of body or self, much less chastity and personal boundaries, until they were freed from the sex slavery.

I don't even know how much childhood PF had. I know the Martian genetic laboratories can turn out a completely mature adult in about one year, and I suspect that is what happened to her, because the sexual abuse began, at the latest, in 1967 or 1968 (I was 5 or 6), culminating in the most obscene and degrading social-psych op that the CIA ever hatched--the movie, "Deep Throat".

Yes, the woman who I love, and to whom I am proudly married, is known to the most of the larger world as Linda Lovelace, or Linda Susan Boreman ("Bormann"?...hold that thought). I know that this revelation is going to cause shock and/or twitters from some. The realization, while truly shocking, did not engender revulsion on my part, because I had read Linda Lovelace's media interview years ago, and even as I read it, my heart was touched by the suffering of this "faceless" young woman (for there was no way, I would ever watch the film). Now, I have always been open minded about most things, and so while I found the porn industry extremely distasteful, I never really passed an intense negative judgment on it--until I read this interview. When Linda wrote that she had been coerced and beaten to do pornographic scenes, and how she had shuddered all night in terror, after being told she was to perform with a dog that next day, I knew that she was telling the truth. Sexual innocent that I thought I was (and was I wrong!), my heart and intuition recognized her honesty and her pain, and I truly ached to think that such a thing could actually happen to someone. I was sad after reading that interview for several days. I still remember it, and how horrified and saddened I was about it, even though it has been over 20 years since I read it. You can imagine how sad I feel writing this, but it has to be done, for while PF has been freed from her one-time CIA handlers, her current handler, Gene Valentine, the Faction 2 financial mastermind, still has the power of life and death over her, as well as the ability to blackmail her in order to discredit her.

For PF is a fascinatingly intelligent, resourceful, and complex woman. I feel sorry for anyone who has been so titillated by this post, that they have already paused to do an internet search for "Linda Lovelace", because you will have the wrong picture. That abused, tortured, and fragile slave is gone, and has been for decades. My guess is that, as with Michael Prince, Faction 2 saved her from the more evil faction of the Amon-RA reptilian cult around 1985 or 1986. For that is when I have seen video of her, with my genetic daughter, courtesy of my stolen ova, taken while I camped out in the southern CA desert. I'm very glad that I was able to give her that. I also think that she has a son, which again, is likely to be my genetic offspring (all of the children born through Mars technology are sterile).

I have run into a brick wall trying to figure out how to tell what I know or guess about PF's life, so I am going to use the standard, basic time chronology format, starting at the beginning. One day, I am going to write THE definitive biography of PF, and do her story and life full justice, but right now, all I can offer is this solid conjecture, based on a lot of sketchy information that I have obtained from various sources. Since PF was a CIA slave for most of her life, disinformation abounds.

I think PF, as all my children, were bred to be Aryan slaves to service the reptiles, and because the reptiles enjoy having sex with human females, she was probably thrust into that position from her earliest days. Now, I cannot imagine what it is like to have no childhood or family love, and then to have to experience this:


This is the only picture that I am going to post, and that is because I want you to look at her hand. She,at about 10 years old, has the recognizable signature hand of the reptilian faction which pushes sex hormones into victims, trying to get them to have intense orgasms, so that reptiles can come in and take possession of the person. You can't tell from this picture, but Chuck Traynor, that POS beside her, has the telltale signs of severely indented temples--courtesy of the parasitical spiders.

Anyway, I know what it feels like to have those heavy sex-hormone rushes--they drive me out of my mind, and had they happened to me, when I was younger, I do not how I could have handled it. My developed intellect and my spiritual and emotional maturity allowed me to recognize and fight what was happening, instead of being victimized. PF did not have that luxury. After being removed from Mars, she was placed in a family surnamed "Boreman". I think that they were CIA Nazis. Any semblance of a normal family, schooling, or employment was completely bogus. They were sadistic handlers whose sole purpose was to break PF's sense of self possession and self identity, before she even had one.

What PF knew about herself at that point, I do not know, for all of these Martian children and occult slaves have their memories erased, and false ones implanted. I can only imagine what it would be like to find yourself in a teenage body in a strange city with no real history, except that which has been implanted within you, while two sadistic Nazis, set out to destroy a self image that is barely present. Maybe she had no family at all--just cold, clinical handlers. I found the character of "Mrs. Boreman" in the HBO documentary that I watched very interesting--was she a "mother" or "handler" of PF? She certainly had the SS Nazi guard personality type down pat. By the way, that documentary, while informative to those who know how to discern lies from truth, is yet just another extension of the Deep Throat psych ops, and is full of lies, and has parts I would not watch.

I do believe however, no matter how abused, that PF was just like me a stubborn and self assertive fighter for her own self, and while it may have saved her, it caused her greater anguish and pain in the short term. You see, I think that she was reared to be a sex slave for reptiles, and her elongated hand shows me that, but I have seen the eyes of two of my children who have been ravaged by reptilian encounter, and PF's eyes, even in the "Linda Lovelace" photos, never have that haunted, jagged hurt. So, I don't think that she was a very satisfactory sex slave, so they set out to break her, and that is what the pornographic films and all the accompanying horror and abuse were all about.

Detractors will say that "Linda Lovelace" is a liar, so that for example, she insisted that she never had sex with an animal, and then later was proved wrong by film footage. I don't think she ever lied at all--I just think that her brain was constantly being manipulated, drugged, and "flipped". This has happened, and still is happening to me, though to a much lesser extent, but I have a "baseline" personality and sense of self with which to fight back. The young "Linda Lovelace" did not.

I looked at multiple photos of her, and while it is difficult at times to see the woman I love so unhappy and miserable, I found the clues that I was looking for--constant cranial and facial manipulation over the years. Of course, other readers have to be careful, for many so-called pictures of "Linda" over the years, are not pictures of her at all. (There is a very telling phenomena of the way Faction 2 operates going on right now. As I was thinking over the photos in my imagination, with both the accompanying sadness, and natural desire--I refused to view any nude pictures, but when you love someone, pictures of them cannot help but stir you--the sexual implants in both my vagina and anus just got amped up to top level pressure. That is Faction 2 for you--using normal sexual feelings as a setup for mind control and emotional confusion). Anyway her KaBal handlers did everything possible to turn into a reptile slave, and it just wasn't working out.

So, then it was time to make her a sex slave to men, and the CIA Nazis have never been lacking in ambition--they didn't want to just "trick her out"--no, they wanted to degrade and demean her as a slave for millions and millions of men. What the watchers of the film did not know, was that ultimately their agenda was to enslave them as well. All the porn and hypersexualization has led to overwhelming numbers of sexual addicts and internet addicts. This serves both the reptilian agenda, as the reptiles are able to possess the body through intense orgasmic experience, and the MACHINE-RA, which wants to fool every body into giving up real soul engagement within the MATRIX, and instead service IT through a soulless virtual reality encounter. Porn addiction also undermines the already challenging relations between males and females, and thus tears at the entire social fabric.

"I don't think "Linda" had any idea of what these pornographic films were about. I think that she was just trying to survive, while being mentally abused, beaten, and raped every step of the way. In preparation for the film, she was raped by five men, who brutalized and sodomized and stomped her every way possible. She had never had anal sex before, and the pain was excruciating. Does it really take a sensitive imagination like mine, to feel tremendous sorrow and pain at what this young woman endured--and it still wasn't over. But, I am getting a little sick recounting all this, so I will refer the reader to her online interviews and books.

Part of the problem is that I believe that the Faction 2 torturemeisters, who are trying "to handle" ME, are playing scenes from these movies into my mind at night. I know that I woke up one day thinking that I had had sex with a dog in a dream, and I just have a strong suspicion that they played parts of "Deep Throat" for me one night, though I don't remember it. Of course, it could be the implantation of false images, with me as the protagonist. Again, all this is designed to mess with your head. They play porn films, while the sex arousing implants and hormones are downloaded with high volume intensity. Because of my age and maturity, I haven't been that negatively impacted by it, but still, this and other vicious imagery--such as watching a woman get murdered in my "dream", are disturbing.

Can you see how sick and perverted this all is, and how we have allowed ourselves to be played and duped? One of the worst things about "Deep Throat" is all the top names, who had to be "cool", and jump on the bandwagon, and praise the movie for whatever crock of bull was their field of "expertise". Have we lost so much of our soul that we, as a people, cannot see what was really going on in the movie, "Deep Throat"? All of these damned "experts" talking blather bullshit in the documentary, and no one could see how utterly miserable "Linda Lovelace" is in that film? It should have been obvious to anyone, from the very first scene of her driving down the expressway, but we have allowed ourselves to be perverted by voyeurism and titillation, that has no bearing whatsoever on true reality, but celebrates "virtual reality".

Through empathy and love, I know the pain and distress PF must feel over that film, because as her lover, I share it. I wish that I could throw every damned reel of it into the trash can, but I cannot. However, I WILL NOT let the CIA Nazis win, by indulging in negative or excessive feelings of sorrow or anger. Nor, to her credit, does PF. I think that she kept fighting to pull herself out of the hellish pit in which she found herself, and little by little, I think her slavery became lighter.

Once Faction 2 gained custody of her, she wasn't being raped, beaten, and forced to perform in degrading sex films, anymore. Instead, I think that she continued being used as a sex slave, up until the time of her purported "death" in 2002, but her supreme skill as a remote viewer led to her to being exposed to high level players in the financial war, and as super-smart and idealistic as she really is, she became deeply involved in the hidden financial war--probably around the early 1990's. Somehow, she managed to morph from a tortured, abused girl to an accomplished woman with tremendous soul force that I can guarantee you is nowhere to be found in "Deep Throat". That kind of conversion just doesn't happen without the higher spiritual qualities of repentance, love, and forgiveness (including self). How did I get so lucky in finding a partner as strong, spiritual, and yes, sexual as I am? I thank God for the gift of PF, but unfortunately, there is still a perverted manipulator, her Faction 2 handler, Gene C Valentine, who just like Chuck Traynor, and the CIA producers behind "Deep Throat", have no appreciation for the good, the true and beautiful, except so far as they can despoil and torture it. As a matter of fact, I think that I have identified GVC as the psychic perp who is trying to get me to have telepathic sex with him. I am on to his game now. So I am going to take a break, get me a cup of black coffee (I gave up drinking coffee at night for Lent, but I am sure God will understand the special circumstances), and continue writing. An all-nighter at the computer--joy, joy, joy!

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