Sunday, March 18, 2012

I am suffering as much this morning

I am suffering as much this morning as I was last night when I went to sleep. I smoked a couple of cigarettes and felt well enough to a cursory morning read of the web. I was going to skip it, thinking that maybe the world was in a lull. Was I wrong. I still can only do a cursory reading, for I am too ill to do any in-depth research, but even that was enough to make me write this post, though I am in severe pain, just trying to sit up, with a torso onwhich all my muscles have been mutilated, the better to fit me into someone's idealized girl child feminine.

anyway, two areas of concern. I fear that some kind of superbeing alien entitity may have landed in Canada. Historical legend knows it as "bigfoot", but Michael Prince, who was involved in tracking one in Indonesia, says that it is actually an alien entity from the Sirian planet known as "kanus". Actually, I think it is some kind of primate superwarrior that probably invaded "kanus", and drove the native sirians out (to Mars?). anyway, for the effort involved in tracking this kanus down, they must be really bad news. apparently, the Patriots got this alien being, but I worry that air force/NASA launches and experiments may have been what opened the wormhole/stargate that allowed it to enter, and I am not certain that the Patriots have successfully squelched any possible future attempts by these human minions of evil to do this again. I am wondering if one of this alien superwarrior's primary jobs is to incapacitate me. Is there some kind of genetic connection, after all the experimentation that has been done on my family. a while back, I wrote about one of my father's childhood friends, who was definitely a product of occult experimentation, and i mentioned how hairy he was--hair growing out in large tufts from every part of his body, except his balding head. he grew up next door to my father. i believe now that don's children are grey/human hybrids, but what kind of genetic manipulation gave don all that hair? according to michael prince, these beings from kanus, are extremely vindictive and personal, and can zero in on a person, if any intrepid soul should venture to poach on its "territory"--which is why that if you are involved in a hunt for one, you had better kill it.

now i am wondering if these alien primate superwarriors are somehow connected to the grey/human hybrid program and/or agenda. for i recently brought to consciousness the fact that i had conceived a grey hybrid child in the 1990's, and i think the patriot forces were able to rescue "her" (i think of her as a daughter, even though consciously, i cannot see her face). of course, I am ecstatic about that, but i am wondering if these primate superwarriors are the reptilian police force to punish any incursions against human efforts to free the greys or grey/human hybrids (Is that why they attacked "Kanus"--the "dog" Sirians were resisting the reptiles, tooth and nail?). anyway, in the days following the rescue of my grey/human hybrid daughter, there were two deaths that I believe were directly related to her liberation--one was the Nazi POS, Demjanjuk, who I believe was profoundly evil, but who was so high up in the expatriate Nazi community, here in the US, that he was "protected". Even at the very end, he died a free man, despite his conviction by the German court system. It sucks, but that is the way the world works, when evil reigns supreme, able to deflect away nearly all challenges to their works and agendas.

i think this demjanjuk character had actually appeared to me in the astral realm, threatening the life of my daughter, if i did not co-operate with his plans, and this was one of their major mind control holds over me, which is no longer operative--so maybe it was time to sic the alien superwarrior on me, to put me back in my place. The other interesting thing about demjanjuk was his advanced age. Now, there are a few people who live unusually long lives, but i usually associate longevity with a "good heart", because the mental state is so responsible for a healthy body. However, why are these evil, rotten bastards living so long? Dick Cheney, David Rockefeller, Demjanjuk, and it always amazed me that Ratzinger looked the peak of health (haven't seen him a while--just his clone double). I had thought that they were getting cloned parts from Nazi (alien technology) secret labs, but now I know that it goes even deeper than that. They literally are feeding from the life force of the greys and, in the case of my daughter (with her high level "chi" endowed by her prime genetics), they have extended their parasitical reach to the human/grey hybrids.

you see, evil cannot generate life force on its own, and thus these evil minions, for all their wealth and high dollar doctors, cannot sustain their life, without sucking out the life force of another being. This is why the Grey race is now on the verge of extinction--not only the reptiles, but also some humanoid, technologically advanced beings--and I can say without hesitation, the "Tall Whites" are involved in the parasitical harvesting of the Grey species and have been for millenia. However, when they contacted and allied with the German and American Nazis, starting in the 1930's, they had to give some sort of incentive to motivate their human minions. They also had to keep them alive, because without soul, the body shrivels and dies prematurely. THAT is where the grey/human hybrid program came in--as hosts for these Terran minions of evil. The other man who died the same day as demjanjuk (that I know of), was the Thai multi-millionaire, Chaleo, who "created" the Red Bull drink, along with his "Austrian" partner (hint hint--Austria, along with Bavaria, is the birthplace of Faction 2 occult--and Adolph Hitler, incidentally). Again, he was of advanced age, and looked to be in the peak of health, but my intuition tells me that his sudden death was caused when he lost access to my enslaved daughter' "chi" or life force. In addition to any other numerous services to the occult, the whole Red Bull recipe is just another attempt to introduce hidden viral or nano-technology into the human body, the better to enslave us as hosts. If you know anyone who drinks that shit, have them throw it away.

Finally, I was saddened to learn of the passing of the Egyptian Coptic Pope--I can tell from the images of photos that he was a genuinely good man. A brief reading of his bio, tells me that while religiously conservative, he cared deeply about his people--and that included not only his Coptic "flock" and brethren, but all Egyptians. He constantly worked to ease the sectarian tensions between Christians/Muslims in Egypt, and the efforts to implement diplomatic sensitivity, fraternal brotherhood, and desire for peace, which characterizes all true religion, is all about. Radicals who wish to inflame and divide in the name of God, have no true sounding of God, true religion, or authentic spirituality, and yet those fundamentalist heretics, and the secularist, atheist cynics, who behind the scenes, empower them (i.e., the occult factions), are constantly agitating the weak minded and the weak of faith in the Middle East. I think it was the occult who murdered Pope Shenouda, because he was an esteemed and respected leader, who could calm his people when crowds of manipulated radicals would engage in religious provocation. Tantawi, and the current Egyptian administration have sided with the Patriots, and Faction (2, I do believe), wants to undermine his authority by inciting religious hatred and violence, which a leaderless Coptic church will be challenged to address in a diplomatic, fraternal, and peaceful manner. The good old "occult factions"--always looking to start shit, for which tens of thousands, and ultimately millions and billions, will pay, so that they can get their cherished "chi" life force, from their hosts, since they are too damned lazy, faithless, and spiritually dead to provide it for themselves. I would just caution the people of the Middle East, not to fall into that trap. The Greys, which are the hosts of the reptiles and "Tall Whites" are Browns and Blacks, and they love
to victimize and feed off of those with heavy, reptilian DNA, and yes, that profile fits the nations and people of the Middle East to a "T". If you get sucked into a Middle East conflagration, you are getting sucked into your own slavery. Fight back against such a future. I feel like shit today, because I fight back, and that is okay by me. I would rather feel lifeless and drained, knowing that at least, I fought for the good, than I would feel lifeless and drained, because I am an enslaved host to evil.

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