Saturday, March 10, 2012

In praise of patriots

In praise of patriots--this post is dedicated to the courageous American Airlines flight attendant, who saved this country from another huge terrorist attack, by utilizing the only recourse available to her--her voice. At this point, I recommend that every one go to Sorcha Faal's site, and read the most recent featured article:

The most interesting and unknown part of this story is that within an hour of the rant, a planned military simulation "game" was cancelled. Of course, there was a military simulation "game" going on at the same time the 9/11 attack unfolded. It was how rogue military operatives were able to take command of the situation, and prevent patriot military personnel from responding.

Somehow, this unnamed flight attendant (isn't that interesting), and another co-worker (who may not have taken any action, but who still has been hospitalized along with the patriot) were able to find out about this plan, and screamed hysterically for 15 minutes. Through her courage and her voice, she was able to do, what a whole fleet of fighter jets probably would not have been able to do--save the country from terrorist attack. Now, she is paying the price. My heart and prayers go out to her and her co-worker. I know that somewhere they are being pumped full of psychotropic drugs, and having their minds hacked. However, for someone with that much strength and courage, I anticipate a full recovery. This woman is an example for us all--when the time comes, we just have to do what needs to be done, exercising our free will to co-operate with and expand the edge of our potentials,

This is what the agents of the evil occult are doing, and have been doing for centuries, while the majority of humans just muddle and stumble along in quotidian daily living. Even now, evil is committed to destroying this country, and this world. As I write this post, Mr. Obama is in the heart of TX--ALERT, ALERT, ALERT. Every time he goes to TX, he meets with George HW Bush, of whom he has been a willing acolyte and toady, and terrorism and nefarious financial transactions result.

Another interesting note that I gleaned from the article is that the airline involved, "American Airlines" is based in Fort Worth, TX, and owned by a corporation, AMR which declared bankruptcy on November 29, 2011. Now, apart from this being a brief three months ago, the other point I would make is that this date is of high occult significance--numerologically, you can break it down into "11-11-(2)11" A little coincidental for me, but let's give American Airlines and their new CEO, Thomas Horton (and I wish I had the time to check out his connections and colleagues), the benefit of the doubt. No matter what, bankruptcy and possible failure of a company is a powerful motivator--recent history reveals that these terrorist acts are set up, not only to gain power and terrorize populations, but to rake in major profit from insurance companies. That is what happened with the sinking of the Titanic, and that is what happened on 9/11.

There is a great new video about the sinking of the Titanic (the "Olympic" actually). It is 60 minutes long, which I know is a turn off for so many busy people, but it is essential to watch the entire documentary, as the information presented indicates that the sinking of the Titanic was another reptilian sacrifice. Even the documentary does not go that far, and again, I don't have time to unpack the details and prove it, so watch it for yourself:

However, it is indisputable from the evidence, that at the least, the sinking of the Titanic was an insurance payout setup--especially for JP Morgan, but as "Watcher" (PF) would point out, also the Rothschilds and WR Grace:

Now, the destination of this AA flight was to Chicago. I would hope that FBI and DHS counterterrorism operatives are checking out every major property in Chicago, owned by these interests (which can be difficult I know, as they operate behind "fronts"), which has seen a recent upgrade in their insurance protection. Hopefully, they have an idea of which companies act as terrorist "perps", and which get victimized. I would especially focus on properties owned by JP Morgan, because they are making huge moves right now in China, offering IPO's. I think that they are looking for cash to set up their planned new investment/propietary financial rape of the China mainland. JP Morgan has had a nice long run, since they hit the huge payola with the sinking of the Titanic ("Olympic"), and the huge payola generated by deliberate fraud, and the murder and sacrifice of over 1500 souls (don't forget--reptiles literally eat humans). Now, with their unwilling and unknowing host, the American people and financial infrastructure bled dry, it is time to move on to a new host, and the Chinese government (and I find Xi Jinping the most evil and creepy of all the public faces of which I have seen), is more than happy to oblige.

Now remember that in my previous post that I said that the Chinese/Asian occult families are in collusion with evil Faction 2; however let us not forget the other part of the triad--ancient and occult Middle East families. I believe that Faction 2 hopes to deliver a crippling 1-2 punch, one to devastate the USA, and one to start a Middle Eastern war. It is interesting to me that China sent an envoy to the Middle East to address the Syrian crisis. Every patriot on the planet is working to defuse and resolve the Middle East crisis peacefully. Given their past actions and clear alliances, I can only say that China is looking to increase the tensions and stoke a war. Oh, and how about the presence of Chinese agents ("worker" in the Sinai desert, a few miles away from Israel, from a few months ago? Or the presence of Chinese workers in the huge explosion in the Congo? I never wrote on it, but I think that there was some kind of "Moon/reptilian" parasitical spider harvesting going on there--certainly, you can see evidence of the infection in some of the most predatory people on the African continent, such as Joseph Kony or the President of Kenya (check out their photos--look at their foreheads and temples).

However, a full-fledged war requires that the passions of the the population be roused to the heights of indignity and outrage, and the KaBal has a plan to instigate this, as well. Again, I would refer you to the Sorcha Faal article, which reveals that the KaBal is planning to reveal that "Bin Laden's" body was never buried at sea, but is in the state of Delaware (I wonder if the Chase--JP Morgan--headquarters there, know where the body is). Now, as readers of this post know, the whole Bin Laden operation was a fraud, from beginning to end, conceived and executed by rogue Faction 2 (the Navy SEALs are their personal army), to try to wrest back control from the Patriots, and to pump up the anemic, execrable, Mr. Obama.

The man who the Navy SEALs killed as part of this operation was actually Bin Laden's brother. Bin Laden died over 10 years ago, but the rogue, Faction 2 CIA needed their bogeyman in place to sustain the lies and maintain power over the minds of both the American and Middle East people. So, what could possibly be the point of revealing the truth about Bin Laden's body--why to stoke vengeful outrage among the Middle Eastern people. They won't be told the ENTIRE truth. They will just learn that a horrible desecration of their religious beliefs, has been violated in the most intolerable of lies. This will not only enrage the Middle East peoples, but will also give a great "cover" for a terrorist false flag attack. The KaBal can "milk" this desecration (which, keep in mind, the Patriots had no part in--this desecration was committed by Faction 2 from beginning to end), for a long time. If they need to, some KaBal senator can order an investigation which would result in an autopsy, which would reveal that the body is not that of Bin Laden at all!! Imagine how that would inflame the Middle Eastern population--the imperialists violated a country's airspace (NOT! The KaBal-influenced Pakistanis gave permission in exchange for the loss of our high technology helicopter), and killed an innocent man! No doubt, but that somehow they will bring Israel/Mossad--and maybe elements of rogue, KaBal, Mossad WAS involved-- into the mix, so that the boiling outrage will pour over into immediate and overwhelming calls for vengeance.

However, we are not helpless. If one single woman could prevent a devastating terrorist attack, just by using a hysterical voice and a PA system, think of how much can be effected by people, who have even greater gifts, potential, and authority at their disposal. All it takes is a resolute courage to do what needs to be done.

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