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My apologies to President Kibaki of Kenya

My apologies to President Kibaki of Kenya--I misidentified him in the previous posts as one of the occult leaders of Africa. That was just a stupid mistake--made because I was writing in such a hurry that I did not double check the fact against the image in my head. I think primarily in images, which are always trustworthy, but I currently am suffering from some kind of dyslexia, and I have always been terrible with remembering names attached to facial images, especially since the Great Lithium Fry of my brain. I know this, and work hard to compensate for it, by double checking, so it was "my bad", and I do apologize. I can see the image of the African leader who I REALLY wanted to expose, but once again, I am time-constrained. Time seems to be speeding up for me--and the astral battles and challenges are coming on so fast, that I have less and less time to process information, and am more likely to make mistakes. However, information dispersal is the greatest weapon that I have in my conscious life, and another huge battle is looming: the battle for Los Angeles on March 22nd. See:

Not only is the 188-day cycle valid, but this date is also numerologically confirmed by the release date of the movie, "The Battle for Los Angeles" which was released on 3/11/2011--just double the date and add a digit to the the last year (this is the way occult numerology works), and you have 3/22/2012. I, like so many other conspiracy theorist have been waiting for this battle in Los Angeles for literally, years. I remember reading in more than one place, that high ranking generals and admirals have said that they are not even going to fight for it. Well, forget that. I lived and worked in Los Angeles county, for over 5 years, and I am well aware, and have been vocally critical of its problems and faults, but still there are a whole multitude of good people living in that area, and I am not going to let the presence of occult satanists determine the fate of a city. However, as usual, the KaBal has the jump start on Patriots, and this post will attempt to mitigate that.

In the movie, "The Battle for Los Angeles", the city is invaded by insectoid aliens. I submit to you that this is the main enemy on 3/22/2012--though they may be in alliance with the reptiles as well. Now, in a previous post, I wrote of how a Faction 3 had broken away from the Nazis of Faction 2, and that their emergence as a power player had been made possible when they had shuttled Apollo 18 onto the lunar surface, and scooped up some of the parasitical spiders which live in the moon rocks, under anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions. I went further, and said that the Weinstein brothers were the godfathers of this faction in Hollywood, assisted by a number of the occult Armenian community there, and increasingly prevalent among the Hollywood actors. Members of this cult can be recognized by their sucked out temples, their abnormally elongated hands and/or the vampiric pasty paleness (or gray in the case of Brown/Black people--how do you think the Greys got their color?) of skin color. For the negative occult patron of this faction are aliens who literally ARE vampires.

Now, these parasitical spiders, are a nasty and wicked piece of work. Remember, the reptiles used them to conquer and enslave human beings, first on Mars, though they live deep in the Earth too--in the hot lava of volcanos and the deepest and coldest (no oxygen) of oceans. Where is the deepest ocean point on the planet? Why, it is in a valley rift, known as "Challenger Deep" in the Mariana Trench, off the coast of Japan. You know, near that undersea fault, where the 3/11/11 tsunami wave was generated. Now, you know I have some ideas about that underwater earthquake, and at the very least, I am sure some parasitical harvesting was going on, while the floor churned up fresh spider specimens for a robotic harvester to snag. Or maybe, it was just "tilling" the floorbed, to unearth some fresh parasitical spiders to be harvested in due time.

In any case, that time is now. James Cameron is, or will be (I am sure the exact date is very hush, hush) diving in a special submersible down into the depths of Challenger Deep. I submit to you that he is gathering up parasitical spiders for use by the occult vampire aliens and the Hollywood occult community, for use in the "alien invasion" of Los Angeles. Once it happens that a statistically significant portion of a population is infected by the alien parasite/virus, it will spread throughout the entire world.

You may ask how I can make such a leap. Well, first of all, it should not be a stretch for anyone to identify James Cameron as being involved with the occult. As with many Hollywood "stars", he has sold his soul for success, and he IS an outstanding director. He just gets a little help from the more knowledgeable occult members with his story lines and the all-important financing. Thus, he was able to write of the Terminator series, not through independent artistic inspiration, but through insider knowledge. He was able to turn the huge tragedy and reptilian sacrifice of the sinking of the Titanic into a great romantic drama. Of all the historical characters that were presented in the film, do you know who were missing--the rich and powerful men on board, who were fighting the establishment of the Federal Reserve, tooth and nail. There were a few of them, but all I can recall right now is Cornelius Vanderbilt (the Titanic sinking was a reptilian/satanic sacrifice to ensure the upcoming success of Jekyll Island).

However, there are even further linkages. Let us start with a little known personage from history, "Tigranes", an Armenian king, who in his time was called "The King of Kings", because he astounded the world, because he began his reign with a puny, tiny kingdom, and at the end had conquered entire territories and was contending with the Romans, and no one knew how he did it. Now apart from his cruelty, especially to the Turks (revelation to me--now I know where the Armenian-Turk hostilities originated, but again, remember that I do not support any kind of guilt or scapegoating blame, based on one's ethnic heritage; instead the standard I use is that of individual behavior and culpability), the other interesting item I learned about this king comes from the minted, royal coinage. The image on the coin of the realm, shows Tigranes with a tailing star, going around his crown, which different and varying scholars concur is a representation of Halley's comet. Halley's comet appeared in Earth's skies in about the 7th year of his reign, and given the heavy Armenian presence in the vampire occult, as evidenced in Hollywood, and the fact that Halley's comet is an anaerobic "Orionid"--that is, it comes from the constellation, Orion--homeland of the reptiles.

In other words, Halley's comet is a meteorite on which the parasitical, vampire spiders flourish, and I believe, that like the moon, it was placed in Earth's orbit to keep the inhabitants mind-controlled and dominated. After all, what Earthly ruler is going to defy the reptilian order, knowing that the threat of the comet is hanging over us, and even though it comes around only ever 60 or 80 years or so, I bet it wouldn't take much to knock it from its orbit and send it to Earth.

This brings me to the second link that I found associated with the "Challenger Deep" ocean trench. This deep sea valley was named after the HMS Challenger, which first initially mapped it in 1890's. However, I propose that there is a famous craft named after the trench itself--the space shuttle, "Challenger".

Now remember some of the history of NASA as laid out earlier in this blog. NASA was originally formed and dominated by the Nazis of Faction 2--Werner Braun & company. However, in one audacious scoop, a competing faction broke off, and scored big in gathering up this parasitical spiders through the sacrifice of Apollo 18. This created a huge split in NASA and turned the previous two-way factional infighting into a three-way. I think Challenger was destroyed as a result of this factional infighting between the NASA Faction 2 and the NASA Faction 3.

I cannot be 100% sure which faction played what role, but I believe that Challenger was commissioned and named after the "Challenger Deep" trench in 1983, because its primary mission was to eventually identify and assist in the harvest of spiders from Halley's comet. Some may remember the common knowledge found in alternative web sites, that the reptiles told humanity, "not to come back to the moon". I think they were peeved by the unlawful scoop of spiders (THEIR weapon, dammit) from the lunar surface, or maybe the reptiles just like keeping themultiple factions, in equal balance of power, the better as to destroy themselves. In any case, I THINK that the traditional Faction 2, was trying to regain some of the power it had lost to Faction 3, and so it set up this Challenger shuttle with a Halley's comet monitoring and deployment tool, so that they, and their reverse-engineered, hi-tech spacecraft, could pinpoint and land a probe on Halley's comet, so that Faction 2 itself, would have access to the parasitical spiders.

However, the vampire aliens who are the patrons of Faction 3 could not allow this to happen. It is clear to (even) me, that at looking at the video footage of the Challenger disaster, that there are two UFO's involved in the crash--one coming right u the middle of the "trident", and one swerving off to the right. Faulty O-ring, my A.

So, how exactly is Faction 3 going to deploy this weapon of theirs? Well, the scientists can figure that out better than me. The parasite is anaerobic--it cannot live long without oxygen. However lets say that HAARP/the aliens generate a huge tsunami all up and down the southern CA/Baja coast. Some people who encounter the water, may become immediately infected before the anaerobic spiders die. Given the overwhelming population numbers in southern CA and Mexico, it would only require a small percentage of survivors to become hosts of the virus, which would then easily jump to other hosts through blood, bodily fluids (or if Apollo 18 is correct), even through skin penetration. The latter is unlikely though, because I think the terrestial form of the virus is much less vicious and lethal than that found in outer space. Still, have no doubt that given the population crush of southern CA and Mexico, and the high poverty of the latter, that this 3/22/12 could see the beginning of a pandemic. I also worry about the KaBal infecting the water supply. I don't know...a lot of possibilities for others, who are better qualified than me, to ponder.

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