Tuesday, March 27, 2012

6:15 pm

6:15 pm, and getting ready to sleep for the nite. very drugged. have been in surrealistic dreamland all day. recognize that two days ago, i was flipped to yellow genetics by fucking faction 2. i hate the sallow look. tell myself not to stress--soon I will be Black or deep chocolate brown. however, fear that once again people got plans for me that are different than my own self view. i think some may have me pegged as a medium, barely fucntional or presnet to reality. yes, i am spyschic but i am only happy when i am engaged and active in world. unable to do that today. just passive, watching vids. interesting, but no fucking joy in assimilating info. just a drone. try to go for bike ride, but didnt have energy to even make it to the trail. further karma revelations, but too sick to write.

cant even eat. food all tastes horriible to me--like fish or fingernail polish remover. firts time in long time that i go to bed without e\ven eating lite supper.

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