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Continuation and conclusion of prior post--#7

Continuation and conclusion of prior post--#7:

I really am not ready to write this conclusion. I feel that I am very close to a breakthrough, that is just not there yet. However, ,after all my computer problems of Wednesday, I fear losing connection to the Web, and as half-baked as the material for this post is, I feel compelled to write about it.

As I wrote in the very first post of this series, Faction 2 has done a lot of good work, acting as the primary impetus behind the organized push for world-wide, systemic reform of the financial system. There have been a lot of really good individuals, who have jumped on that bandwagon, and I myself had an open mind regarding them, until indisputable evidence led me to genuine concern about their strategies, and ultimate aims. You know, I really do not understand all of the financial details behind this aspiring Jubilee. I know that PF has been deeply immersed in the negotiations, operations, and planning of this financial reset since the early 1990's. In these entries, you can see the detailed evidence and mastery of subject knowledge as revealed by her numerous posts under the pseudonym of "Watcher 51445" on the Rumormill News web site, which is run by an exceptionally good woman, who became involved with Faction 2 after marrying into high ranking CIA. I must warn the reader, however, that there is so much information overload, and such complicating detail, that you can expect any perusal to be difficult, unless you have a background in forensic accounting.

I myself wish that I could have a face-to-face conversation with PF,in order to facilitate my writing skill so that I could explain things better, but I cannot, and the material is way too complicated for my poor telepathic abilities. However, I do know that the substance of plan has been vetted thoroughly by multi-national players and financiers at the highest levels of banking and government. This Jubilee financial reset IS possible, it is sound, and it is dazzlingly comprehensive. It just needs implementation...except that it keeps getting waylaid, subverted, diverted, reverted, perverted, and all around HIJACKED. Of course it would be--the enemies aligned against it, starting with the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve, and Faction 1, are entrenched, ruthless to the point of mass murder, and overwhelming in power. However, as the moral rot took greater hold of the Faction 2 players, a lot of the sabotage, and even thievery attempts, took place from within the ranks of Faction 2 itself--and we are talking about trillions of dollars in valuables, including precious metals.

As Heidi Klum would say, "It's a hot mess". It also is urgently imperative that someone knowledgeable AND credible be placed in authority to unravel and re-order this "hot mess", because it is the source of the mandatory backing for the Jubilee currency and funding. Now, from my reading of Watcher's posts, my understanding is that she is the legal guardian or trustee (I don't even know the legal terminology to use here), of this fund and its assets, but she can't get to them, or even her personal property, because they are being legally blocked through the legal wiles and maneuvers, as ordered by Gene C. Valentine. What is happening is that GCV's allies are pushing forward with an alternative financial reset plan that basically sets up "the new boss, just like the old boss", with the money going to Asian and Middle Eastern occult families, and all their corrupted, "flipped" cronies in on the take.

I am going to let you in on an unknown secret--or maybe it is becoming better known, because I don't see so much flaming anti-Semitism on the Web. The entire Faction 1/Faction 2 hostility is a Jewish/Jewish rivalry between the House of Judah (Faction 1) and the House of Benjamin (Faction 2). To be more accurate, this rivalry is between occult power players of Judah and Benjamin. The overwhelming majority of Jews have absolutely no idea that these vying cliques are pushing for a power and revenge that goes back to when they co-existed on the southern hemisphere of Mars! Now, this is the part where I am being pushed by circumstances (both PF and I are in literal physical danger) to be premature in my presentation, because I haven't figured out all the details yet. However, I do know that at least one of the 12 tribes of humanity, probably the Judeans, sold out one or more of their fraternal tribes to the reptiles. As a matter of fact, I will say that they sold out the Aryans (who are the original human-reptile mix), and the Benjaminites who are Black.

Now, what you should know about the Aryans is that their earliest human origins is in Asia--near the current border between China and Tibet. They emigrated of course, but signs of their earliest legacy lives on still in India, where so many swastikas can still be found. This is why Faction 2 has chosen to align so heavily with Asia, especially China and the occult "Li" family, who have been humiliated and used by the Rothshchild family (what family or nation hasn't been humiliated and used by the Rothschilds?). However, powerful people hold on to their grudges tighter than they do to money, and these scions of occult families live and die to get vengeance--and in the process, make the 99.9% rest of us, plumb miserable through their victimizing machinations. I know it seems incredible that the red heads of Scotland and Ireland are first cousins to the Chinese, but they are. As a matter of fact, it is documented that red haired "giants" roamed this "Aryan" Chinese valley way back, before the reptilian incursions.

Then, there is the hidden secret about the Black origins of Benjamin, which Faction 2 won't admit even to itself. That is why my revelation about King David being King Saul's son was so hateful to them. They come up with all these elaborate, hoaxed genealogies to prove that they are descendants of King David, because they think he was lily white! LOL. David was half Black, born in a time, when intermarriage between Whites and Blacks was commonplace. Saul came from the town known as "Kish". I have found that the names of the geographical locales of the ancient world often reveal telling information about the people who lived there. There is only one verbal analog for Kish that makes sense to me: "Cush"--the Biblical term for Black Africa. Saul came of stock that emigrated from Black Africa.

Now, there is another interesting place named "Kish", and that is Kish Island in Iran. As posted earlier, the entire Middle East is an area of intense focus for Faction 2, and certain elements/families in Iran and Pakistan have been especially helpful in the propagation of the Faction 2 agenda. Kish Island is where the retired FBI agent, Levinson disappeared years ago, while acting in the capacity of a private investigator, hoping to crack a cigarette smuggling case. In 1020, Levinson made a video, in which he noted that he had been held hostage for 33 months! Hint, hint. I suspect that Levinson came across major money laundering operations between the Western Faction 2, and ancient occult families of Persia whose lineage goes to Black Africa, too.

Western Faction 2 is setting up and empowering these ancient families, descended from Benjamin, to be the new occult overlords of the Middle East. They don't consider themselves Jews anymore, and probably haven't ever since they learned that King David ended their Israelite royal bloodline by allowing all of Saul's sons to be murdered/executed by the Gibeonites. Or maybe, as I said, it goes all the way back to Mars, when the Blacks lost their guardian patron, Osiris, and the Aryans were sold into slavery to the reptiles. This is truly horrific stuff--make no doubt about it, but Faction 2's desire to revenge themselves on Judah's ancient, prehistorical betrayal, is just wrong. They want to exterminate the Jews to make sure that nothing is left of the Judah bloodline, but I have Judah's bloodline in me. I have Osiris's bloodline in me. I have the bloodline of all 12 tribes in me, and NONE OF THEM DESERVE TO BE EXTERMINATED.

Somewhere, somehow, a forgiveness has to be born in humanity's wounded karma, but as any spiritual practitioner knows, outward signs need to accompany an inner disposition and healing, and that is what a Jubilee financial reset would do. Let's not hate on, or kill the people whose ancestors committed horrible crimes against ours. Insofar as there is reincarnation, the slaveowner in one life, could well be the victimized slave in the next. Still, we are on THIS earthly plane of existence, and it is our moral imperative to effect justice as best as we possibly can.

We cannot reverse the damage done by the reptilian invasion, or the pain and suffering that it has caused to so many people, including my own family. We can only make sure that it doesn't happen again, and yet that is what Faction 2's agenda and alliances will do--set up another cycle of slavery. This time the victims will be people of color--the Blacks and the Browns, while the Aryans and their Asian/Middle Eastern allies become the new occult power brokers. It doesn't have to be this way. I am not overly idealistic, but am rather a pragmatist in worldly affairs, and it is my hope that true freedom from this ancient slavery is possible. This hope, while fed by my faith, does not originate from my faith. Rather, it is the result of a carefully considered observation of facts and knowledge, which I have been gleaning from every source possible for years now.

In order for this happen, all good men and women, who are aware of this occult (hidden) tradition and history need to act. I know that many of the psychic foot soldiers of Faction 2, have had their brains scrambled or "flipped", but if the Jubilee is to happen, they will need to support the pragmatic visionaries and leaders of integrity. The Jubilee will not happen without sound and virtuous oversight of the proposed new system's backing fund. I have been following the web's post on this new financial order for years now, and most of the proponents have been either deceived, working for a hidden boss, or kool-aid drinkers. I know that Watcher (PF) is none of those, but has the tremendous spiritual integrity. Unlike so many of the others involved in the occult, she would be very difficult to "flip", for like me, she has a hard core pragmatism that can face reality as it is, without falling for an illusion generated by the brain. She was enslaved for most of her life, and I am certain that she has an incredible nose for any attempt to do it to her again. She also is the one person who has the knowledge to manage all the details. I know I am partial to her, personally, but I would not let that influence this assessment.

As a matter of fact, I have no hard opinion or suggestion about the Jubilee/financial reset--this is just outside of my area of expertise. I just know that it needs to happen, and that to succeed, it needs to be done by people of real integrity and real smarts. People often underestimate how liberal I am, because I do not like, or support throwing "good money after bad", which I believe to be not only a waste of money, but which also diminishes the human spirit and potential. The way that Faction 2, with GCV's allies at the helm, are proposing to implement this Jubilee reset, would be "throwing good money after bad". We can do better than that. We must do better than that, or humanity's future, both short-term and long-term, will continue to be one of occult slavery to imposing alien and occult forces.

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