Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Welcome to the rich man's club"

"Welcome to the rich man's club"--I just signed over a ransom for my kidnapped sons. So, now I am poor again, but since I never even knew I had any money, and certainly did not see any additions to my daily check of my online banking, it is not a big deal. However, the distress the kidnapping has caused PF and myself, the uncertainty about the future of my kidnapped sons, the vulnerability and even endangerment of all my children, as well as my own inability to rise above my handicap, so that I am not able to protect my family in the astral realm, is all very disheartening. So is the return of the Amon-RA parasitical spider viral frequency in my brain that has the estrogen levels once again so high that I am barely functional, bumping into walls.

However, it has been a while since I wrote, so let me fill in some blanks. I do not write much when external circumstances are going well. Life is just too demanding, then, to reflect on it. However, I have stayed busy, trolling web sites and cable news, looking for and trying to decipher the clues that help me fight in the astral realm at night, where I have been busy, too. As a matter of fact, both the planets Patriots and my personal life was riding a high, until today. Yesterday, finally, somebody had the sense to talk to me one-on-one, to try to figure out what is going on with me, instead of just gleaning tidbits from my complicated, split-level brain, and projecting their own needy desires onto me. I guess I don't "eat" in the astral realm. I don't know why, although I am sure there is a good reason--maybe because even the food I eat here in 3D is all tainted with the nasty-smelling, fishy viral smell of the Amon-RA parasitical spiders. In any case, I have no problem eating with other people whatsoever, once my anxiety settles down enough to unlock my stomach. All these psychics who were wondering what my problem was that I would not eat with others, just had to try to eat with me. Period.

I was eating with PF's adoptive, (positive) occult mother, since PF herself eats special, supplemental food. I knew that the food had the virus in it, but my attitude is completely different when I give consent to being given the virus (why don't they give it to me in supplements, instead of putting it in all my food, so I constantly have to smell that shit when I cook in the kitchen?), rather than having it imposed upon me. Furthermore, I trust PF and her mother. Yes, I could barely walk by the time I finished eating (nothing new--heavy viral downloads have been causing that for years), but I knew that I was safe, and no matter what, I was okay with the incapacity, because I GAVE CONSCIOUS AND EXPLICIT, IF SILENT, CONSENT TO INDIVIDUALS WHOM I TRUST.

Anyway, apparently the heavy viral dosage had me nearly catatonic for a spell, and PF & family had to work to bring me back. Again, I don't mind, BECAUSE I GAVE CONSCIOUS AND EXPLICIT, IF CONSENT. Not only that, I think they finally figured out what I have been trying to tell people for years--about how my autistic brain works differently than other's do. Yes, it is a handicap that makes it difficult for me to operate in the 3D world, but it is also the source of much of my intellectual discernment ability. Anyway, all I know is that I woke up with my head feeling more clear and spacious than it has been in nearly 10 years--before all the psychotropic drugs and multiple viruses.

However, once again, my euphoria was short-lived. Upon my return home, PF contacted me telepathically and I got the gist that two of our sons had been kidnapped--one is my son, Nicholas, who I believe is the autistic, brown eyed one, and the other is a son of whom I didn't know. Apparently, PF and/or her CIA husband at the time, conceived him using my ova, as had happened earlier in the 1980's. Then this son had "disappeared", while still a toddler, until PF learned of his presence recently. I gather that he still is a child, and has spent the last few years living with the CIA "babysitter" who kidnapped him. Though I know very little about him, I take responsibility for his well-being, as not only is he my genetic child, but also, he is a minor under PF's guardianship, and as her spouse, I share in her responsibilities.

So you can imagine my distress when I began to discern telepathically that two of children were kidnapped. Someone appeared at my door and under the auspices of a non-profit, asked for my signature and a "donation". I knew that this signature was signing something over to the kidnappers, and so I asked for an hour to think on it, because I was going out of my mind with worry, and confusion, and my own telepathic limitations. I was afraid that I was signing over guardianship of my sons to a more benevolent occult faction. I suspect that it is the Amon-RA cult which had my sons, and I am sure the older boy has already suffered from major CIA mind control trauma, and I worry about Nicholas, because he is still so young. The Amon-RA factions--whether the dark skinned/liberal wing or the fair skinned/conservative wing are the worst of the occult factions. So, as I reflected upon it, my intuitive self told me to go ahead and sign the digital "petition", since the safety of my children was my primary objective.

When I signed the digital petition, I thought that I was giving up guardianship of my sons, but about three hours later, I realized that not only was I doing that, but furthermore I was paying a ransom. It took me a while to "get it", because all monies received have been in the astral realm. Maybe I got a payout from Univ of Pitt/Gene Valentine, for all the damage they did to my brain, after years of flipping neural nanoswitches in mind control attempts, and outright astral sex programming and rape. The money is very secondary at this point, though I guess that my relationship with PF has managed to do what I have always tried to avoid--getting involved in political conflicts. However, this is not some ideological opinion or position we are talking about here--these are MY CHILDREN--youngsters, toddlers--and they are being treated as commodities by evil and self-serving individuals, who just want to use them for money or power grabs. I have witnessed the extent of the moral corruption, and even slavery, found in these hybrid and occult programs, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL I ACQUIESCE TO THIS HAPPENING TO ANY OF MY CHILDREN. As a matter of fact, insofar as I HAD any money, I am sure that it was marked for not only my children, but for my extended family as well--hybrid children, not only of my sister, but also of yet another hybrid lineage which apparently comes from one or more of my first cousins.

Still, despite the distressing reversal of today, I still remain confident that we Patriots will prevail, and that somehow my family will all be safe and sound soon. Justice will be done, and this lawless behavior of slavery, kidnapping, ransom, and infliction of emotional pain and distress and mind control, is going to be overturned, penalized, and outlawed--not like it is now, when anyone with money, status or power, can get away with literal murder. As for me, I am not going to be writing much, unless I feel the need to reveal insight or information--all my efforts are geared towards conscious attainment of the astral realm--so I can finally fight back against these murderers, pedophiles, criminals and crooks, with two hands instead of one.

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