Sunday, March 25, 2012

Urgent concerns before personal ones!!

Urgent concerns before personal ones!! The world, and most immediately, the USA, is in imminent danger again of terrorist attack and military response. I have a date going through my head--March 27th. Mr. Obama is in Korea right now finishing up the plans, on behalf of his newest political world patron, Dick Cheney. Now Cheney was supposed to be "contained", because he literally, is one of the most evil and powerfully dangerous man in the world. The fact that the MSM is reporting on his "heart transplant" indicates to me that somehow he broke Patriot containment, and has gotten a new burst of life. Remember, these ancient mudholes of evil, have no life force, except that which they parasitically derive from the sacrifice of others. The kind of sacrifice and technology we are talking about can only come about through high level KaBal activity, alien and/or human. I think more than one alien faction is behind this most recent diabolical scheme.

What is the scheme? In a nutshell, I think it is a false flag "terrorist attack" by biological weapons on a major US city (haven't figured that part out, but maybe in TX, where the other great titan of American evil, George HW Bush has all kinds of connections, and underground tunnels leading from Mexico, literally to underneath American county courhouses...). Then, of course, the United States will be forced to respond--and who will they blame? Iran. But, wait a minute, you will say, Iran is being set up for attack because of their nuclear program, not their biological warfare one. Read this, written YESTERDAY:

Now, if you investigate the author of this post and editor of this webpage, Jim Dunnigan, you will see that he is a complete Faction 2 shill, and has been his entire life, starting out at 18 years of age. According to his story, as a tender teen, he took a Greyhound bus ride from his home on the East Coast to California, so that he could voluntarily enlist in the Army with the most scenic, basic training location in the country--namely, Monterey Bay (LOL). What is really in Monterey Bay--why the education, research, and intelligence operations training home of the occult Faction 2 Navy--the Naval War College of Monterey. Although Dunnigan's service was ostensibly with the Army, after his discharge from his three year stint with the Army, at age 21 or 22, he was writing full blown computer games--all of his games are military, and the ones I saw, all Navy, beginning in 1964.
I will not go into all the details. Anyone who knows how to read and discern can check out his personal bio on his web page, and see unmistakable and multiple indicators that he has been a covert Navy Faction 2 operator and shill his entire life. Because of his story regarding his teenage enlistment, I do believe that he comes from a strong occult heritage, and that he was set up to be a mind controlled shill from a very early age. For all those beginners in detecting liars and Faction 2 operatives by reading through their own bogus bios, read this, and see how many clues you can pick up:

The indisputable evidence that Jim Dunnigan is Navy Faction 2, tells me that this entire operation is strategized and to be implemented, under the auspices of their quite considerable infrastructure and terrorist auxiliaries. However, I actually find evidence of MULTIPLE (at least three) factional cliques, so that can only mean, that as in the case of the Faction 2-instigated 9/11 attacks, the various cliques have joined together to pull off a major and stunning attack.

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