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I am being deliberately crippled

I am being deliberately crippled while in the astral realm. Apparently, I am helpless to stop it, as long as I am in my unconscious state. As soon as I become conscious however, matters change, as I recognize the extent of the violation and mutilation that I have experienced at the hands of my astral tormentors--right now the Faction 2 coalition, comprised of, at least, the four factions I listed in the previous post. Even in my physical, geographical location, I am surrounded on all sides by hostiles, though I can trust PF and some of her "family" (she was the de facto mother for many of the Mars hybrids, including my own genetic children), and the Salusa contingent.

However, knowing what is going on, does not help me stop it. Every conceivable part of my body was cut last night--I am being whittled down drastically. However, nothing addresses the real difficulty in my inability to "ascend" to the astral dimension. It goes back to my sacral area, and all of the surrounding muscle and ligature being excised from my body in order to make me "feminine". However, the goddamned Nazis cannot override Nature, and my entire body developed as a male, and is responsive as a male, and no amount of mutilation can force a change. Believe me, I WANT to ascend, and get out of this hellish virtual reality prison I am in, and so, as I have done so often in the last few years, I put my faith and hope in God to help me make it.

In the meantime, I continue to do what I can. Apparently last night, I helped destroy an evil entity which had taken residence in a sea monster. I continue to work at resolving bad karma. I never even finished my post on the Jesus/Mary/Paul triad, even though I recognize the boy posse of Faction 2 to correspond to the disciples of Jesus. Also, I know now that Peter was a double agent for the MACHINE from the beginning, and only came out of hiding to help subvert the movement. Thus, the entire basis for the office of the Pope is a complete fraud. This is why I have so many spiritually dead or immature Faction 2 and Vatican operatives against me--these people are resisting their own negative karma, by trying to force me to acquiesce to their's.

However, I am determined to break through to the truth of my negative karma, and seek resolution and absolution, and so, I am going to forgo any further discourse on my past life as Jesus, for now, and skip ahead to the 20th century. My most recent incarnation, barring some brief life existence, was that of Charles Lindbergh. He was part of a genetic experiment triad as well, and while I have identified his twin, and the "grey hybrid" spoiler, I will focus only on MY incarnation. I only mention the triad arrangement, because in this particular instant, the experiment worked the way it was designed--to fragment the life force of soul partners into a sterile, one-dimensional persona. Lindbergh's genetic twin carried the emotional life and personality; the grey hybrid carried all the soul, but was unable to relate to the world or understand his own existence; Lindbergh himself was all cerebral and cold reason.

Sadly, none of this triad was able to break free of the manipulative programming that imprisoned their full vitality and life force. For Charles Lindbergh, this meant that he remained a dour, humorless, and emotionally repressed man his entire life. I have never really liked Lindbergh. To my way of thinking, his accomplishments as an aviator could not overshadow his Nazi, racist sentiments--something I could recognize even as a very young girl. You see, I knew a little about Charles Lindbergh, because I really did like his wife!! I started reading Anne Morrow Lindbergh at about age 13, and while I now recognize that she was a one-dimensional, uber-feminine soul herself, she developed an authentic and deep spiritual life ("Gift from the Sea"), but Lindbergh never did. Because she was painfully "shy" and self-consciously aware of her inability to relate to the social world around her, I actually used her writings to help me in my own teenage struggles. I would now say that she is a stellar example of the patriarchal feminine, while someone like Pope John Paul II is a stellar example of the patriarchal masculine; however, as I have matured into a full, mature personality myself, I can no longer endorse the patriarchal conception of gender bias and division. It may have worked in centuries past, but even then it was responsible for so much of the imbalance (i.e., injustice) and dysfunction in the world, and Charles was victimized by it, even as he worked to uphold the status quo.

When individuals are sternly repressed, they are not capable of relating to the world as it is, but rather only through the small, warped prism of their shut-off, walled-in, imprisoned mind. I think part of Charles' problem may have been that he was reared in an occult family (I have never seen a photo of him smiling--he probably "disappeared" or died in the 1950's--photos after that are of a "double" or "clone"--maybe that is what caused Anne to mature so drastically...). However, that does not excuse his racism or Nazi sentiments. Still, his prejudice and poor political judgments are not the worst of what he did--Lindbergh actually co-operated with evil occult forces--another clue that he was reared in an occult family.

Because, I am trapped in a virtual reality alternative matrix, where I am constantly scrutinized by Faction 2 psychics (it is Faction 2 controlling this matrix), I am unable to access current information about Lindbergh. I checked Wiki, just a few moments ago, and the information in it had completely changed from just a few days ago, and instances of this are happening more and more. So, I am going to have to present my hypothesis, with very little factual data to back me up.

I believe that Charles Lindbergh was responsible for carrying forth an alien entity onto this planet, and specifically Nazi Germany. The name of his plane was "The Spirit of St. Louis". I submit that the "Spirit" referenced was not the "zeitgeist" of the 1920's town, but rather an individual and evil alien entity who traveled to this planet from an alternative timeline in the future. Once again, I believe that Star Trek (Enterprise) is telling us in story, what has really occurred, and in their fourth season opener, we learn that there has been a radical time traveler "Grey with red eyes" (reptile genes), which is threatening not only the current manifestation of temporal reality (1940's Earth), but ALL of history in ALL of time.

Now, it is common knowledge among the alternative (i.e., true) history crowd that the Nazis advanced as quickly as they did, because they had alien help, specifically from Greys. I submit that the alliance between these Greys, and not only the Nazis, but also Faction 2, were initiated by this "Spirit" of St. Louis. This "Spirit" (let us follow "Star Trek" and call him, "Vosk", was actually released into the world through the pyramids or Indian mounds of Cahokia, IL, right across the border. A while back (can't remember the exact date, I researched these mounds and realized that they still are active, just as so many other pyramids are, as documented by the beams of astral light emanating from them. Anyway, I think a lot of pyramids/mounds have ancient technology in them, and that occult members and devotees gravitated towards them. Because these mounds are earthen and relatively unsophisticated, I believe it was easy for their secrets to be accessed by the early occult settlers who would have known of the treasures to be found within. Somehow, probably by accidental experimentation on the part of these early occult settlers with the strange, advanced technology found inside the pyramid, they opened up a mini-stargate, and let the evil alien I call, "Vosk" through the portal to Earth.

Now, because Lindbergh was of an occult family, he would have known of this great secret of the Midwestern Masonic cults--as a matter of fact, it is possible that his father emigrated from Europe to partake of the phenomena. Now, for those of us who have read the first complete, (relatively) orthodox account of alien vistors to Earth--the Book of Enoch--the first question that comes to mind is, "what was the first thing this alien wanted to do on this planet? Because in "Enoch", the prophet talks of how the first act these visiting aliens took upon landing on Earth was to measure the circumference of the planet. Of course, he uses poetic, rather than scientific, language, but I have read and agreed with the interpretation given by others, that these aliens as described by Enoch, were actually detecting and measuring the ley lines and energy grids of the planet, for occult manipulation and control at another time. I submit that "Lindy" was chosen to be Vosk's pilot for this first great endeavor.

Now, of course, the airplane technology wasn't quite up to par, at the time, but Vosk with his knowledge and skills from hundreds of years in the future was able to get around that limitation easily. He just needed a mind-controlled occultist that he could trust to pilot the plane, and follow instructions. I suspect that Vosk went along for the ride, in one form or another.

Now the freemasons, the early progenitors of the US Navy Faction 2, were the occult guardians of this secret. Lindbergh flew around the world in 1927. However, I don't think the USA was Vosk's ideal for a platform from which to launch his alien agenda--to not only totally conquer and destroy or enslave the people of this planet, but also to radically alter timelines and histories throughout the entire galaxy. I suspect that he could leave the pyramid homebase in physical form for only brief periods, but he surely would have picked up that Americans, as a nation detest limits on their freedom and are highly individualistic. I think he already had a nation in mind--Germany. Vosk may have been physically confined to the pyramid, but he could astral travel the planet, and in the 1920's he would have encountered the occult group around a little, fringe party, led by a radical, wounded man name Adolph Hitler. This occult Party, Nazism, and their leader, met Vosk's needs exactly. I am going to presume on the intelligence of the reader to figure out why--just transfer what you know of the transmitted history of 1920's/early 30's Germany to the real story of what transpired.

I don't know how Vosk physically got to Germany, but somehow Lindbergh was involved. I would like to think that the decent man in him resisted, and I suspect he did, because in 1932, his beautiful, infant son was kidnapped and murdered by a German national. I suspect that he was told his wife was next, if he did not comply. Remember, this is a man with no access whatsoever to his own emotional life, except through that of his sweet, sensitive wife, and with the murder of his son, all resistance must have faded.

Again, paying attention to the timeline--Hitler, with his small, little band of black-shirted thugs, got the wherewithal, from nowhere, to become Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Oh yeah, people, there is definite power in the occult. It took Vosk less than a year to start fulfilling his promises to the Nazi Party. Lindbergh moved his family to Europe, and ruined his "golden" reputation with his Nazi proclivities. Nazi Germany would soon stun the world by its reversal of bad economic fortune, and its rapid militarization, but it would take decades, before persistent researchers of genius and imagination, like Dr. Joseph Farrell, would begin to reveal that this was all because of Nazi Germany's alliance with evil aliens.

Sadly, the story does not stop there. For the occult grouping that was responsible for the materialization of the time traveler, Vosk, on our planet, was still interested in allying and working with Vosk and his Grey civilization as well. This group are the "OG's" (original grand poobah's) of Faction 2, and by the 1930's, they were well ingratiated within the US Navy. Why the Navy? I can't say for sure, except that I suspect that Vosk would have had his reasons to target them--certainly has something to do with his "measurements" of Earth in 1927. You know, people blame Roosevelt and Washington DC for the lost transmission warning of the imminent possible attack on Pearl Harbor, but I bet it was a USN devotee of the occult and Vosk, who was actually responsible for the ignored missive. Fortunately, the war was won by boots on the ground. Unfortunately, it took the lives of 50 million combatants and civilians before it was over. That was perfectly fine from Vosk's POV--the more suffering and sacrifice, the stronger he grew, and by 1947, he was making substantial inroads into the once impregnable nation of freedom. Truman became President, with no credentials whatsoever, except that of being a 33rd degree Freemason, and from the state of MO--home to St. Louie. In 1947, a German-American engineer created the Great Arch of St. Louis, symbolically signifying the gateway of evil aliens onto this planet. In 1947, the National Security Act castrated the legitimate power of the American Congress, refusing them the right to investigate the newly formed security agencies, NSA, CIA, ect., giving them "carte blanc" to operate, as long as they could claim, "national security. This was to prove to be the biggest, most secretive Trojan Horse in history, as for over 50 years, these agencies have been directed and staffed by traitors--domestic, foreign, and alien--to this nation's well being and best interests. While I am at it, let me not to mention the overwhelming number of murders, tortures, and miseries, that they have caused across the entire planet. Yes, not all Americans have their head in the sand, and we know of the evil perpetuated in our country's name, and we care--we care deeply. It is just that so many of us have been deceived by the Trojan horse for so long, and have focused on fighting the ideological flames, instead of penetrating to the burning coal that is at the heart of this conflagration that would destroy us all, whether physically or spiritually.

We know what became of Lindy--he faded from public respect, and died in the 1950's (probably about the time, he acquired his "second" wife). But what became of Vosk? I don't think Vosk is any longer on Planet Earth. I think he left in late October or early November of 1943. I think the vehicle of his return home was the USS Eldridge of the famed Philadelphia experiment, which had an active-duty, German officer on loan assignment to the USN (in 1943!!), who was in command of the operation. Another interesting date in the timeline around then--in November of that year, the Battle of Berlin began--the wholesale attack on defenseless civilians by aerial bombing. Also in November, the Soviet Union initiated their famous counterattack at Stalingrad. Now, I have watched documentaries that tell of German generals being amazed, because of Hitler's refusal to make a tactical retreat from Stalingrad before the cruel winter really began. Was Hitler expecting Vosk to come to his support with some advanced technology? I think he was being used by Vosk, and didn't even know it. When Vosk realized that he had willing accomplices and dupes in the USN, he decided to skip out on the Nazis. I only reveal this history, because I hope that readers understand what a faithless, treacherous, unreliable partner and ally that Vosk and the Greys are. For just as Vosk played Hitler to get what he wanted (and I think revenge and the "Final Solution", and a catastrophic world war was a huge part of it), so now he and the Greys are playing the Faction 2 Navy. Wise up, people. This faction of aliens, and their partners, the Tall Whites, are completely corrupted, and nothing good can come of any alliance with them--no matter what their promises.

Anyhow, the important point is that Vosk did not vacate the planet, without allies. Yes, his departure marked the "beginning of the end" for Nazi Germany, but he already had allies lined up in the USN and in occult holders of high office, many of whom have more allegiance to their KaBal code than to the Constitution. Soon, a whole host and number of his fellow of his fellow hive brothers and sisters, arrived, to begin working in black operation projects. There are two kinds of Greys--the Tall Greys, and the more familiar, diminutive ones. I think the Tall Greys are the descendants of a alternative timeline in which the American Black psychic community, which, like other psychic factions, has encountered evil, double agent infiltration, has allowed themselves to become enslaved. This is why I have resisted so strongly th controlling and narrowly self-centered practices and attitudes of the Black psychic community. It is clear to me that they are setting themselves up for a big, huge dupe, from which, as Vosk's story would tell us, they do not recover.

However, nearly every single faction that I have encountered suffers from the same self-centered (actually the most descriptive word is "racist") and self-destructive behavior. I do not think this is accidental. Vosk has done his history. He learned that the reptiles were able to defeat the original humans of this solar system, by turning them against one another. As a matter of fact, I believe that his original ancestry may be that of Martian Black, sold out to the reptiles, which then interbred with them. I think Vosk has mastered the reptilian playbook exactly. I even think that he is in a self-serving alliance with them, as well as the Tall Whites. If my previous hypothesis about the Martian tribe of Judah selling out their fraternal tribe (s) is correct, it would explain the horrifyingly brutal extremes to which the Nazis took anti-Semitism. Rationally, the vendetta against the Jews does not make sense. As a matter of fact, it was a huge factor in Germany's downfall. But Vosk and his people are not rational; rather they are filled with an irrational hatred and rage, because of all their suffering at the hands of the reptiles. The key word is "irrational"--while the Jews may have been the scapegoated victims of Nazi Germany, any race or faction could be targeted at any time--so long as it gets the reptiles off Vosk's back.

That is what all of these factions are too mind-controlled to consider, and thus the world is in the mess that we are in. Vosk's successful infiltration of this planet, his patronage of the Nazis and instigation of WWII, and his ongoing alliance with significant elements within the US Navy, has resulted in a huge wrenching of the timeline, towards the negative. This has implications for not only us 3D Terrans, but for all future timelines of the galaxy. I think Faction 2 is now trying to create an alternative timeline in which the turn to darkness, and human enslavement to the reptiles is totally complete. I think that I may be in a prototype of this new Matrix. Of course, most people won't know. There will just be small differences to notice, such as a spot on my floor that should not be there, or the 1980's police cruisers on the street, or 1970's, or even earlier, aircraft flying overhead. The interesting thing is that some parts ARE contemporary--so I can only guess that I am living in a mosaic template of the new matrix. However, for sure, Faction 2 and the Nazis are high rollers in this "part of NWO Town". I try to stay upbeat, but after suffering a night like last night, it is hard. My only consolation is exposing the truth. As hurt as I am, I am determined to make my voice heard. I also am determined to undo any damage that I did, as Charles Lindbergh, when I unwittingly let loose an evilly psychopathic alien on the planet, which has led to untold misery and a possible future, which, right now, looks even worse.

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