Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Continuation of previous post--4th entry,:

Continuation of previous post--4th entry:
Well, I had hoped to delve further into the lies of GVC, reveal his sick, perverted mind controlling methods and agenda, but really, I am flattened out by all emotions associated with this series of posts. I myself am being psychically bombarded by GVC, while I write, as well as the implants constantly causing sexual arousal. Of course, admitting this probably does me a disservice, since it just gives that fucking piece of shit more ammo, but I know that it doesn't matter. No matter what, I will not give in to that perv. However, I fear that he will attack me through my unconscious in my sleep, as he has been doing for the past few months--ever since I became friendly, and then emotionally intimate with PF. The pressure has intensified on PF, to open up to his "alternative lifestyle" demands for a threesome, ever since he learned of what great sex PF and I were having, and decided that he had to get in on a piece of the action. Nothing unusual about that in high CIA or Faction 2 circles, but PF refused. I didn't know what was going on until today--at least consciously,but PF's protection of our relationship aggravated the already strong tension between the two, because she was fighting back against the "same old, same old", financially enslaving orientation of his financial system reset plan. Like PF and many others, I believe that there desperately needs to be a Jubilee, a financial reset. However, I know that while PF, Salusa, and many of the world Patriots are fighting hard, to truly get the money back into the hands of the people, GVC's ultimate agenda is to steer the wealth back into a crony clique, parallel to that of the Rothschild/Faction 1 KaBal.

With her intimate knowledge of the financial plan and matters, PF is the only one who can really tell the world what is going on, but he is blackmailing her from speaking out the truth by holding her past over head. That is always the way that the occult factions work--nobody gets into a privileged position of confidence, unless the KaBal is absolutely certain that they can completely control them. That is the way the system of evil works all over the planet. Not everybody has as deeply a humiliating past as PF, but all over the world, sex, rape, and "snuff" videos are made by Faction 2--and sometimes, they are not even real, but are made using doubles and clones. Then, nobody can expose their wickedness, without being completely discredited and ruined. It's time that sick system of evil is ended. I just hope that the rest of the world can get beyond the porn celluloid of an abused, tortured sex slave, and allow PF's intelligence, insider knowledge, and compassionate heart for the world, to speak, for she is thoroughly briefed on the intricate myriad of details that such a Jubilee or reset entails.

Now, there is more, a lot more, but I don't want to overwhelm everybody at once, so I will continue this post tomorrow. My challenge is to get through the night, without being sexually abused by GVC. I think a deal has been struck which allows GVC free access to try to intimidate/coerce/deceive or flip me, so there is no use in staying up all night, because I fear that I will have to endure the odious psychic presence of this perverted fraud for at least a couple of days. I just hope that I can maintain my integrity in the astral realm--something I haven't done well, over the past months. However, I am beginning to understand where these leaks in my unconsciousness are coming from, and hopefully can learn to plug them up. I think I will succeed.

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