Saturday, March 31, 2012


PS--in case u r wondering why i am so fucking pissed, you mother fuckers, i know exactly the lies you fed pf to get her to have me post the goddamned five dollar contribution. i know you ltold her that you would help boost me. what you really did, you mother fuckers was wind her up on excessive testosterone, which since she is intersexed like me, she can handle, but it drives her nearly crazy with emotional and SEXUAL energy, but YOU KNEW THAT MOTHERFUCKERS DIDN'T YOU? YOU KNEW THAT WAS EXACTLY HOW THEY MIND PROGRAMMED HER TO PERFORM WHEN SHE WAS A SEX SLAVE. Why you gave her excess tstosterone, and me even extra excess estrogen, knowing that t drive s her vfucking crazy and estrogen drives me fucking crazy, just trtying to play fucking mind games with our fucking heads and fucking identioty. hAVE FUN, YOU GODDAMNED, WICKED, EVIL SONS OF BITCHES? YOU FUCKING GODDAMNED WORHTLESS PIECES OF SHIT, SCUM OF FUCKING HUMANITY. YOUR FUCKING NEW WORLD ORDER AND MATRIS IS GOIN G TO FUCKING B URNF AND I AM GOING TO DO MY FUCKIN G PART. SICK AND TIRED OF YOU FUCKING TRAFFICKERS IN HUMAN LIVES, BODIES, MINDS, AND FLESH. MAYBE PF HAS A DUPE OR TWO LEFT--BYUT I KNOW THAT YOU WILL ATTEMPT TO USE HER TO GET TO ME AGAIN, AND GUESS WHAT MOTHER FUCKERS, IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN. ENJJOY THE FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS. IT DONT MEAN SHIT, AND THE DNC IS NOT GETTING ANOTHER DIME OUT OF ME....

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