Tuesday, March 13, 2012

second or third day now

second or third day now that i have been so fucking drugged and low testorone that i dont even feel like a human being. and the fucking goddamned idiots of faction 2 are all eating it up, so godddamend stupid in their fucking opinion of me that they think that feeling like a piece of shit, concencration canp inmate barely able to drag thru life makes me a good little female for them to hang their goddamned idiotic immature, infantile projections on. FUCK YOU ALL!!! Oh, did i forget to mention that excess estrogen and low testoreone also makes me cranky7 as hell--until of course the amnonra download starts, and then i rage . now i am in too much pain and low energy to rage. i just want to say to all you faction 2 types out there--for that matter, every single psychic, hybrid, alien or human out there who will not let me speak and choose for myself, BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN, and you are misogynistic boys who need to grow up, that there is not one of you who could do what i have done. i didnt create human life by myself, but my self understanding of myself as a MAN was essential to do so. I don't fight and win battles, except insofar as i am able to affirm my own self identity AS A MAN. i cant even fucking read and write, unless i have enough testosterone in my system to fucking fucntion, but you know that, don't you--you rotten bastards, planning yet another terrorist event, so you can destroy the world. and nothing i can do, but suffer in pain. maybe tomorrow i will feel better. right now i just want to say to every single control freak and patriarchal misogynist out there--STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME--i am nto interested in having anything to do with any of you. I am sick and tired of being abused, controlled, used, betrayed, and abandoned. I know who i am, i know the source of my strength, my power, my creativity and vision. All you see is la fucking titty to suck on. go find yourself a girlfriend. I have a wife, and another baby on the way, and thanks in large part to you assinine idiots, i am separated from her, which makes it even more difficult to bear the phyaicla pain and half-dead low energy, that all your fucking stupidity brings into my life.

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