Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There is a good reasons why solid and substantial

There is a good reasons why solid and substantial persons seeking the true spiritual path are warned away from the occult path--IT IS FLIPPING INSANE--full of pathological power trippers, liars and perverts of the most obscene order. How PF spiritually survived such an environment, being exposed to nothing else from birth, I do not know. However, I do know that her life is in danger, and that is why I am forcing myself to sit and write this post, even though some sicko is masquerading as her, trying to get me to have telepathic sex with him. I am pretty sure that it is that mama's boy, titty-sucking, Little Boy Lost, because when I attempt to engage in conversation, there is absolutely nothing there. However, I could be wrong, because when he presented himself as a clone of PF, (who herself appears as a "clone" or created image of another person), he actually had a little bit of personality--but it is hard to tell if the real being inside the clone is someone who has more self and ego than Little Boy Lost, or if he is just able to mimic the more real and vibrant mannerisms and behavior of the original host. Shape shifters can literally take on the personality of people they inhabit. Furthermore, the MACHINE can reprogram someone, almost making them into a new person. You can see it all the time--check out timeline images and video of Barack Obama or Rick Santorum--both of them really talentless, dull as dishwater and flat as 3 day old soda pop, but the MACHINE literally can lend them the an impression of charisma, substance, and intelligence.

What is going on with Little Boy Lost and his infantile fantasies, I do not know, and do not care. I am aware, that as happens when certain factions are in power, that I have had sexual implants placed inside my anus and vagina--all for the purpose of creating and controlling sexual pleasure, and even, at times, sexual pain. Faction 2 is in charge now, and those sick, mind-control pricks actually are responsible for creating sex slaves, and they are attempting to mind control and manipulate me using such FLIPPING INSANE devices, with which they have enslaved so many other women, including PF (oooooohhhhh Daddy, I must have touched a nerve with that line--the implant in my anus just amped up big time LOLOLOLOLOL.

However, there is really nothing at all funny about PF's situation, which is dire, and so, while I would rather love to do nothing else, other than get up and walk far away, and leave this infantile, piece of shit prankster behind, I have to force myself to stay diligent at this computer and write this.

Let me repeat myself--the pathway of the occult is accompanied by grave danger of suffering FLIPPING INSANITY. The key word that I want to emphasize right now is "flipping". You see, our brains are literally computers, and before the Fall (invasion of the reptiles, murder of Osiris, the stargate Watcher, and rise of the vampires and Amon RA spiders), we humans were actually more like "superhumans"--as the Sirians and the hybrids are now--able to transform matter, teleport between galaxies, etc. The New Agers would say that all 12 strands of our DNA were activated, whereas now, only two (the double helix) are. The reason the other ten strands of DNA were turned off was because evil now ruled the universe, and could hack into our brains at will (I am not using scientifically precise language, but am simplifying my language, so that it is more understandable). So, the remaining "good guardians" turned off 10 of the strands, so that we would not be so vulnerable to complete "soul loss" by the ravages of the evil MACHINE or reptiles. What happened to the "fallow" or latent ten strands? They were still there, and intense spiritual practice, psychoactive drugs, or extradimensional encounters could activate them. Occasionally, a few people were born with a strong inclination to manifest one or two of the latent DNA strands, but nearly always, such activation of the latent DNA strands remained the province of extradimensional intervention, which has been occurring on this planet since the primordial soup contained nothing but one-celled organisms. The Watchers or Guardians helped create and nurture people of genius, and since the beginning, the royalty, and "rich and powerful" of the world, were well aware that extradimensional players were the real, "behind-the-scenes" rulers of the world. It is only recently, that knowledge of the alien agenda became known to large numbers of the lay people of the world.

Actually, the term I should using is "alien agendaS", because there are multiple alien factions, agendas and even civil wars between them, and human populations are used as mind-controlled pawns by them--and have been from the very beginning. There is plenty of material on that, but today I want to focus attention on the traditional backbone of Faction 2--the politically and religiously conservative wing in this country, which in modern history, goes back to the Knights Templar, but became super powerful in this century, through the remnants of the German Nazi Navy, led by Admiral Canaris, and the United States Navy--and their auxiliary fraternity in the civil order, the Freemasons. Now, Faction 2 will swear up and down that they are not Nazis, and a lot of the low level mind controlled "camp followers", probably really believe this, but I have found more than sufficient documentation to prove otherwise. I also have suffered at the hands of Faction 2, and nothing impresses the lessons of truth upon one, as personal experience.

I am suffering miserably now, at the hands of Faction 2, from their forced imposition of drugs, hormones, implants, and mind games, and so is PF. Her suffering is much worse than mine. Where she is right now, I do not know, but I know that she is in trouble, and a top player of Faction 2 is to blame. I would like to introduce the reader to Gene C. Valentine, a sadistic, perverted mind controller and financial genius:


Now, on the surface, this man looks like a moderately successful businessman, but as a mystic, I know, that the real power players are always behind the scenes, and so it is with GCV. The first item of note is that GCV, like so many Faction 2 "biggies" has a Navy background--not only was his service in the military with the USN, but furthermore, he was stationed at Antarctica. For those not in the know, Antarctica is the entrance to the home of the German Nazi empire. I am tempted to say "remnants" of the empire, but sadly, since 1945, they have increased, prospered, and waxed powerful with the aid of their other dimensional allies--the evil Greys. Now, I will concede that not all Faction 2 elements are hard core Nazis. However the faction at the Antarctica base is the absolutely most hard-core Nazi contingent on the planet, and the fact that blonde-haired, blue-eyed GVC was stationed there, tells me that he was recruited, groomed, and prepped for success, by this hard core Nazi faction.

Now GVC's most outstanding item on resume is that of CEO of Financial West Group. I am ashamed to say that my realm of expertise in financial matters is not as sophisticated as in other areas. However, I do know that Faction 2 is trying to bankrupt the Federal Reserve, the creation of which was a hugely illegal money grab by European power players (everybody always blames the Rothschilds, but it goes so much deeper than that--this cabal is called "Faction 1"), against the American population. A hidden financial war has been sucking dry and rotting out, not only the US, but the entire world, for decades now. On the surface, I have no problem with Faction 2's objective of toppling Rothschild/Faction 1. I am a freeborn American patriot, and the Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional monstrosity by foreign powers, the objective of which is to indenture the American people through the exportation of our money, via taxation, Having said that, I must admit that I have grave reservations about Faction 2's strategy and tactics, which basically is to completely collapse the American economy. For I have realized that the ultimate purpose of this geopolitical/economic collapse is a redistribution of wealth--primarily to themselves, but also to their connected occult families in Asia and the Middle East!!! It is as Pete Townshend sings it, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

So, is humanity's choice between the repulsive, mind-control slavemasters of Faction 1/allegiance to reptiles, or Faction 2/allegiance to the Greys and/or Machine RA, or Faction 3/allegiance to the cosmic spiders which vampirizes individuals? NO--there are actually some brave individuals, who, inspired by a sense of justice, hope, or in PF's case, liberation from an unimaginably vicious sex slavery by a much more brutal faction of Nazis, who sing out, "WE DON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN". They don't just sing--they put their lives on the line, to ensure that humanity finally becomes really and truly free.

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