Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Continuation of previous post

Continuation of previous post: I am going to write this entry in a series of posts, because I have ascertained that it is not "Little Boy Lost" who is violating my psychic and sexual privacy. It is someone with a little more sense of self, and it keeps remonstrating with me, not to post this. FUCKING BULLSHIT. YOU FUCKERS MESSED UP, WHEN YOU THREATENED PF WITH STARVATION, AND REMOVED HER FROM MY PRESENCE, AND THEN PUT SOME CREEPOID IN MY PSYCHIC SPACE TO TRY TO GET SOME NOOKIE! URGGGG!$&*# She, I would have listened to, but not after my experience today. No way!!! I am just getting warmed up, and I will go to all measures necessary to reveal the truth about the sadistic, perverted monsters behind Faction 2. The only way PF will ever be free, the only way I will ever be free, the only way humanity will ever be free, is to reveal the truth about the occult factions that run this world. Everybody knows about the Rothschilds, but I am going expose Faction 2, for what they are, and if PF was to show up, in telepathic presence right now, I would not let her dissuade me from messaging the truth. I know from her history, that in her deepest, uncontrolled, heart, that she agrees with me; IT IS BETTER TO DIE FOR FREEDOM, THAN SELL OUT AND LIVE AS A SLAVE. I would construe any attempt at negative interference at this point, as COERCED.

Anyway, I fear that Faction 2 will attempt to disrupt my posts/computer connection, so I will post at intervals

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