Monday, March 5, 2012

Energy weapons

Energy weapons have been placed in my house, making it impossible for me to sit at computer and do research. Faction 2 is once again calling shots, and I am force fed their poison at every turn--food, cigarettes--and they have even came in my house! Typical faction 2--abusive and claiming bragging rights about it. Worst of all, that creepy perv, Little Boy Lost is back! I knew it as soon as I felt his pathetic, abusive vibe. This is all faction 2 mind control games. I should have known this morning, when I watched a video about looking at eyes and gay sex. apparently i looked into this guy's eyes, and he thinks that means undying true love. LOL. Guess what? I look into CHILDREN's eyes--as a matter of fact I did it this morning. As an autistic, it is hard for me to look into the eyes of an adult--there is too much intensity there, but children's eyes are perfectly passive and receptive.

I don't look into someone's eyes to see their soul, except in pictures (Whew! Has anybody seen that latest photo of Putin making the MSM rounds?). Instead, I FEEL their soul presence with my intuition. On the two occasions that I physically saw her, I never have looked into her eyes. I have looked AT them--they are brown. But both times, I recognized a distinct and powerful soul energy. As a matter, the first time, I saw her, I instantly and instinctively stood up, out of respect, and I just thought she was a visiting co-worker on a cursory errand. People with powerful soul presence command authority, and that is what I knew about her, even when I didn't have a clue as to who she, without ever looking in her eyes. Of course, had she been a sweet, cherubic toddler, with limpid eyes, I would have thought, "what an innocent soul". But as an adult, I know that while it is almost mandatory that all child possess the sweet, innocent eyes that do not overwhelm, it is woefully rare to encounter someone with tremendous soul force. Since that is what I have, that is what I find attractive. Little Boy Lost's eyes are not innocent--just hungrily needy in an infantile way, with none of the innocence, just a vacuous emptiness. However, chances are very good I will be abducted and manipulated into unconscious, AND UNWANTED sexual activity again, for i am being force fed huge amounts of estrogen, and that is when i always insist in my dreams that i am female. it does not matter how shitty, hateful, miserable, and raging the estrogen makes me feel--faction 2 just wants their girl child avatar to fulfill their needy projections.

When i am faced with overwheming and inescapable abuse, I just go back to the protaganist of "The Color Purple"--"I just make myself into a tree". I was full of rage when i felt the presence of Little Boy Lost, and saw a couple of smirking faction 2 psychics earlier, but i calmed myself down by going for a walk, and i have decided that i am not safe, that i am being abused by patriarchal mind-control occult power trippers, who have DONE THE VERY SAME THING TO ME FOR YEARS--and there is nothing i can do but curl up into a psychological ball, until i am safe. I am not going anywhere, any time soon.

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