Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Am I surrounded by Amon-Ra vultures?

Am I surrounded by Amon-Ra vultures? It seems as if those satanic devotees are literally rubbing their dominance and presence into my life. They followed me to the MVD--nothing new, and three of them were hanging out at the top of my alleyway parking lot when I got home. I know that I have been abducted by them the last two nights and they are shaving off muscle everywhere--leaving me in constant pain. For they cut off muscle in my ribs, which means that my ribs are tighter, and literally cannot hold my body together without pain. Pain doesn't interest or matter to those satanic fuckers. They are sadistic satanists, and they make my skin crawl with repulsion just to see one of them. So now the question is, am I utterly surrounded by these sadists on every front. If so, I am not going to be able to continue to live here. For all the intuitives out there--imagine being surrounded by the likes of Maurice Strong, George and Cindy Anthony or that psychopathic murderer, Amanda Knox, and you will know what I am experiencing. Almost certainly, the proximity gives them even greater opportunity to torture me during my sleep. I am tortured right now. Not only are the implants giving me pain--especially in my hand, but it hurts to even sit up. I literally do not have enough muscle strength and tone to sit upright without pain from all the cutting. Fucking pigs probably have access to my home, too. Well, this is a tremendous blow to my self-sufficiency and independence. I cannot live completely surrounded by these sick sadists. It is pure poison and malevolence directed at me, and these fuckers keep running wheelchaired pychops on me. Guess what? There's nothing wrong with my legs except what you assholes have done to turn my once strong, healthy, vibrant body into a near invalid. Do you intend to literally handicap me, so that you have a poster girl for your own crippled lives and spirits?

I am in too much pain to keep writing. Need to lay down, so that my mutilated rib cage muscles can rest. If I am right and these sick satanists are surrounding me, the situation is untenable, and I will need to make a change, no matter how ill my health. Not going to panic---just need to lay down now.

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