Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My ship is taking on water

My ship is taking on water, and it is time to abandon ship. Mayday alert for any allied vessels out there.

I am in crippling headache pain as I write this, and know that my time flying the free Pirate flag is coming to an end. The Nazis/KaBalists have place brain implants in me that are unbearably painful, and which I know will kill me soon, if I do not abandon ship. For I will never sell out to their agenda, and the agonizing pain will lead to a slow, agonizing death. I got a taste of it last night. I started having the same brain/body electrical rushes that always keep me awake at night, but this time they were accompanied by the most godawful headache I have experienced in a while. My brain literally felt like it wanted to explode. Of course, they hacked my dreams last night, but I know those by now. However, the pain is unbearable, and I must seek relief or I will die. I can no longer take the beating--the body can no longer tolerate it. So it is time to go. I pray to God to grant success to my endeavors, for I am surrounded by EVIL enemies on all sides. The Anon Ra people were literally having a loud social time last night. They wanted to make sure that I could hear the female voices. What dumb fucks--to think that I am reassured by the sound of female satanist voices, as opposed to male ones. Just ask Casey Anthony...

Still, I have to be careful, for the enemy will try to trick me. Normally, I would be confident in my own discernment, but I am in such crippling headache pain, that all my senses are shut down, including my psychic ones. So, I suppose that I will be moving slow, and testing the waters before jumping in.

I hate to leave my house a mess, but I am too sick to clean it. I am too sick to watch dvds or read a book, so those loose ends are going to be untied as well. I will try to do my laundry--I think I have enough for a clean outfit. The hard part for me in getting started, will be taking a shower-- which for most people is routine, but for me, it involves the most arduous of effort. I also need to pick up my meds--I am out of pain meds, and I desperately need them.

The weather is turning, and I had hoped to make a pot of chili, but while everything is ready, I honestly don't think that I can stand another night with those implants and electrical impulses going full bore. I know that once again, they are trying to get me to orgasm into the machine, because my vagina is once again becoming dripping wet at night (for the last two or three days). I am suffering shooting, burning pain inside my vagina, and I am not sure why (I am too sick to talk to my body, and my freakishly shortened arms, literally can't reach there to investigate for myself). Is it some implant to help them facilitate sexual response to the MACHINE, or is it just some sexual torment, at which the goddamned Nazis excel.

Speaking of sexual torment, I must once again speak on that Gardasil. I thought of writing an email to Michele Bachmann's site, praising her for her courage, but I don't think an email from me would do anything other than attract the wrong kind of attention--of which she has too much already. Ideologically speaking, I have practically nothing in common with the rep, but spiritually speaking, I cannot help but admire her courage and her staunch perseverance for what is right, despite a ton of bricks following on her from the Big-Pharma controlled media (just wathc the news--the commeercials are all of drugs--that is how the networks are making their money these days). Anyway, after watching Mr. Friendly, Jay Leno, give her a hard time, I started thinking on that damned vaccination, and I came to the conclusion that its ulterior motive is even more insidious than that of all vaccinations--the neurological damage/possible autism caused by the release of a host of computer viral bugs introduced into the human biology--the purpose of which--you guessed it--is to facilitate subjugation of the human free will to the MACHINE. ng of No, I think it goes beyond that. I think the original KaBal came up with the idea of vaccinations, but that this new vaccination has a new agenda similar to one of the original agendas--the identification of DNA markers and human female tagging.

This concept was actually introduced by the X-files, though I have read of it in a couple of places on the web. The vaccines actually have a computer chip that can read and transmit DNA information to a master computer. For whatever reason, this later KaBal move wants to "up the ante" (maybe they aren't privy to the data transmitted by measles and mumps vaccines). I think they are trying to force all female children to have this vaccine, because they literally are looking for DNA information, on which females they want to use as egg donors to make a new race of Master Aryan Nazis, and which ones will be used to make slave drones. I do need to point out how dehumanizing and spiritually enslaving such a use of female reproductive capacities would be. I most certainly do not want, not even one girl or woman, to go through what I have been through, and continue to suffer. Rep. Bachmann probably has no idea of how insidiously evil this forced vaccination is; she just doesn't like government interfering in our lives--but if just enough people stood up for what they know is right, the canopy of lies which dominates our existence, will start to unravel and be revealed. If I wish to be of any further use in the fight, I have to get off my ship, for it is sinking, and the waters that surround me are hostile, freezing cold and full of sharks.

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