Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soon, it will be time for a change

Soon, it will be time for a change. I have been holding out, because, well, for the longest time I had no alternatives. However, now that I understand my future possibilities and choices (it would have been a hell of a lot easier if I had been offered a red or blue pill, or some hot chick with a white rabbit tattoo gave me the come hither), so now the burden of proactive choice definitely swings to me. There is not much more that I can do. Surely, all of my enemies realize by now that I am not going to swing their way.

Yet they continue to chop me up. I am now in constant and agonizing back and shoulder pain, because my whole torso is so unnaturally aligned and "sawed-off". I was in too much pain to ride a bike today--the cervical spine and shoulders cannot stand the tension, and even now after less than an hour sitting at the computer, I am suffering with that same muscular tension. It is not bearable to be in my body, but I tell myself not to fight it--that is how the Nazis and/or Machine can hack into your mind--when you disassociate from your own body.

I stay on high alert, wondering what the Libyan confrontation with French/Brits (Faction 2) was about, and very worried about the earthquake that just happened in India. Almost certainly, my guess is that the Nazis of Faction 2 are involved, using HAARP, or some other earthquake technology to stir tensions and provoke the possibility of war between Pakistan and India. The upcoming week is going to be very interesting. Maybe the human sacrifices of the past week were not propitiating sacrifices for a terrorist attack on American soil, so much as getting ready to set off a bloody Mideast/Asian war, that the KaBal hopes to blow up into global carnage.

I am waiting for one last final piece to fall in place. Also, I want to leave everything tidy--all my library books read and returned, all my videos and dvds watched (and reviewed again, for the purpose of knowledge and understanding). However, I know that I cannot keep functioning with my body all chopped up like this. I am barely able to walk, and I imagine that things are going to get worse before they get better. Pain, however, makes one very humble to reality, and I just am waiting for the go ahead. No need to push, to ask God or go on a vision quest. I will know when it is time. In the meantime, I have to function as best I can, and pray that I am not abducted by evil.

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