Sunday, September 4, 2011

So sick I can barely stand

So sick I can barely stand. too sick to read, to even wash a few dishes. sick sick sick. on risperdol. earlier when felt better tried to ride bike. too sick to ride. havent done any exercise in days. cant cook, cant wash dishes or clean house. in a lot of pain. mother fuckers cut on me last nite. left my arms with nerve damage, and keep shrinking rib cage. hurts, therey are cutting into nerves. cant stand body. makes me sick every time i look at it. try not to look at it. saw a lil brcue lee today. that is the kind of body i amsupposed to have. strong proud, expanding rib cage and chest. nothing i can do. salusa abducted me last nite---after the cutting? not sure. too fucked up, too abused to trust anyone right now. just hunker down, and let the goddamned KaBal kick me. all i can do.

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