Friday, September 16, 2011

It seems as though events are finally starting

It seems as though events are finally starting to swing solidly in favor of the good guys--and yet so very few people are aware of what is happening. Even me. I could spend hours trying to decipher things, but as long as the good guys are in charge, I trust the process. There are too many other issues and stories that I need to follow, and I let my intuitive gut lead me to where I put my energies. Mostly I put my energies in trying to figure out what the bad guys are doing and planning, and so it feels good to have a little respite, when evil seems subdued and the good guys are ascending.

Of course, if I were healthy, I would have a much greater window of time in which to pursue ideas and plans. For, I continue to spend most of the day sleeping. I literally feel sick, with my lymph nodes tender and my throat sore from all the post nasal drip. I know that I cannot live the rest of my life with my body like this. I suppose once I am interdimensional travelling, a rebuilding and resoration of my body can begin. However, my dreams are telling me that I still have a real stumbling block that impedes progress. I try to figure it out, but it is hard when I am so drugged I can barely function. As I write this late at night, I realize that I must be on some psychotropic--such somnolence that I am experiencing and have experienced all day is not normal. Oh well, maybe I will find it easier to sleep.

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