Sunday, September 25, 2011

So much for premature victory laps

So much for premature victory laps--no sooner did I post that blog than the viral download nearly paralyzed me. It made my body so heavy that I was practically unresponsive, and the pain in my sacrum made it hard to literally lift the legs. However, I survived the night, and woke up to find myself in another familiar (if previous) state, the hyperactive state. I have EXTREME amounts of estrogen in my body which is causing me to have a constantly running nose. I am sitting next to a waste basket filled with about 20 tissues. However, I also am really high testosterone, which gives me enough energy to withstand the estrogen onslaught. However, my back muscles are spasming, having read my "morning paper", I am ready to lay down on a heating pad and read a novel. I hope to feel healthy enough to go for a bike ride soon. For I am feeling more energetic, and want to try to work out my back problems. However, all the cutting and mutilation have left my back with multiple structural/mechanical problems and imbalances. I never had problems with my left side of my back until my pelvis/back were inverted, and all the muscles chopped from my hamstrings. Now, I have problems in my left glutes that I never had before. Years ago, an orthopedic specialist determined that my left leg was significantly bigger in circumference than my right leg, and said it was a natural development. I think the body was trying to offset a structural imbalance in the back, and now that is gone, which causes problems in the back, and causes me to lurch when I walk, as if I have some kind of a limp. Still, I am able to stretch out a little bit more than previously, and now that I have more energy, I need to try to "push it".

Before closing, I should touch on the most imminent plan by the KaBal to destroy the planet. It is set for this week, with the peak days being, I think, the 27th-30th. I believe that they are going to try to superheat Earth's upper atmosphere via massive coronal ejections, and specialized equipment that they have covertly launched into orbit. This could fry the Earth with an EMP blast, or cause devastating planetary stresses and changes, such as earthquaes, tsunamis, power outages, digital infrastructure collapse, ect. However, my intution is telling me that the KaBalists are going to be disappointed. I know that the PLT are already on top of the information (see Sorcha Faal's story on Brian Alexi), and are working with top scientists to prevent it. I think that they will be successful, though I fully support and admire their prudence in withdrawing to hidden, "fortified" positions, "just in case". I myself plan to stock up on bottled water tomorrow. These KaBalists are diabolically clever, and their plans and backup plans never can be underestimated.

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