Friday, September 9, 2011

A quick post since I haven't written in a couple of days

A quick post since I haven't written in a couple of days...the world is getting crazier and crazier. Clearly the MSM has realized that they can get away with using doubles for most of the major politicians. This of course, begs the question, "where are the real politicians?" The obvious answer is that the spirit of 1776 lives again, and they are all living out a revolutionary covert ops--where they are safe from all the evil aliens, terrorists and assorted malingerers in the world. Some of course, are locked up, thank God--looks like they have put away Rahm Emanuel and Jeffrey Immelt, and sad to say, I think Michelle Obama is in a psychiatric treatment facility. I dreamed some time ago that she had been programmed to destroy her husband and kids (literally), should the control words be issued. I think she is really messed up. I feel really sorry for the kids, especially the older one. Back in 2008, I dreamed that she was present with her father at one of my abductions. That means that she is being astrally abducted by the negative cabal as well, and it really warps a youngster's mind to see that kind of thing--especially when they have been ritualistically/sexually abused themselves.

Apparently, the world is more full of those kind of occult satanist types than I ever would have imagined, and unfortunately, they gravitate towards wealth and real power. They are all around me as well. It is amazing to me how psychologically and spiritually small these occultists, no matter what their faction, really are. Truly spiritual people are zestful and larger than life. Mind controlled people are so timid and small, but they act out their negative energy with a vengeance, and so they do on me.

I am in a lot of pain from all the cutting done on me. As I was driving today, I realized that I was in danger because I could not around to look over my shoulder in my blind spot. That is because my torso is so tightned up and small that I am like a rigid, little stick child. Nothing I can do about it, except hope that someday, the same technology that has warped and crimped me into a miserable, mutilated, shell can reverse the damage. I long to feel good in my body again, but that won't happen for a while. (Damned, I am in a lot of pain)

Hopefully, I am making strides on identifying these karmic alter egos which cause grave mischief at night. I think there is a spurned woman, who, archetypally, in another lifetime, I treated with the most grievous of injury. I got to make friends with her, apologize, do whatever needs to happen, because as long as she is angry, she will get her paybacks. Anyway, that is work I need to do later.

I also pulled the covers on the great "RA-RA" controversy (Amon-Ra of the yellow Sirians and Tabor--Tab-RA ? of the red Sirians. I refuse to identify with the programming of either one, and I must say that The people who are invollved with occult activities with these MACHINES really give me the creeps. They are not spiritual types at all, but are possessed by what I call an evil spirit. However, I cannot gloat, for clearly I have the same issue, however unconsciously, but I am working on it. I plan to start tomorrow. I am going to watch this King Arthur movie ( a F2 thing), and try to stay awake with this pain that I am in. Then I am going to lay down with a heating pad on all these cut muscles and exposed nerves. Tomorrow...

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