Sunday, September 11, 2011

Deception all around

Deception all around, but it is not all bad news, because the good guys are finally fighting the deceit and lies of the bad guys with some powerful deception of their own. I said that I was not going to write anymore on acting doubles for our political leaders, since it is clear that their use has become ubiquitous. However, the audacity of the good guys, as well as the skill of makeup artist and acting coach, must be applauded as I now realize that they have come up with an incredibly realistic double for Barack Obama. There was a couple of things I had noticed about the "Obama" who addressed the Congress last week, but I didn't see any of the red flags about his mannerisms--his barely concealed contempt for this country and narcissistic arrogance--that always send me to study the video stills, because I know those subtleties indicate that Obama, once again, is stirring the pot of poison and death. With no red flags to warrant extra attention, I let the slight changes pass muster. However, I have been thinking on which Congress people were using doubles, and I realized that two very sophisticated doubles were in plain sight the entire time--Biden and Boehner, so I took another look at Obama, using video stills, and now I realize that the good guys have pulled off the most incredible of con jobs, well, since, a Kenyan national, CIA plant, a Manchurian candidate, with totally fraudulent credentials going back to his undergrad days, was manipulated into power by the KaBal and their stooges.

I think it is great. Sooner or later, the American people are going to learn the truth, and when they do, I hope they understand and learn how fragile democracy is, and spend a little more time really engaging reality--especially when it comes at them from the "idiot box". I am sure that somewhere Obama is in protective custody. I am wondering if his "unscheduled stop" of last week was an attempt to thwart a possible assassination, or merely the necessary disjoint needed, in order to put the actor in place. It doesn't matter, really--behind all the subterfuge, I can tell, "Aslan is on the move".

I wish that I could say the same about my situation, but while "Aslan" (metaphor for Christ from the CS Lewis, "Narnia" series), still reigns sovereign in my spirit and free will, my body and even my psyche remains in bondage. Speaking of deception, last night my dreams were hacked again. It doesn't matter. I know when I have real dreams, and when I have implanted ones. The KaBal maybe good at ransacking images from my unconscious, but they cannot get them to act, or relate convincingly in my dreams. I got further insight into who is doing this by another image from my dreams. I dreamed that my hands were on my genitals, and I got a really nasty shock. LOL. This means that the Jesuits/Templars/Ammon RA occultists, all of whom I have encountered both consciously and unconsciously, all remind me of sadly pathetic religionists who have some false idea of holy and feminine, even more tragically, God. I have to be Isis for them, because such a sick, warped version of the feminine is what they worship in their small, trapped minds. I guess they need an Isis to fulfill their dependent, childish minds and psyches and needs, just as surely as Amon-RA wants another thrill of plugging into an interesting spiritual personality.

What is not deceptive, though is my body and mental status. I am suffering once again from an unnatural bite, with my cranium being pulled into a huge overbite. I figured out that the reason for my depression and low energy was/is, once again, you guessed it, some psychotropic drug. I am in back pain from all the muscle spasm, rigidity, and misalignment, but I am not healthy enough to do anything at all. So, I just spend my day reading and watching TV, but I know,

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