Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just when my psychic sense was feeling lulled

Just when my psychic sense was feeling lulled by a sense of comfortable complacency, one little zinger caught my eye, and started the ball rolling. It is about the death of Doritos founder, Arch West, from Dallas/Irving (remember the mother of young Camden Pierce was from Irving?), who recently passed away at 97, and was buried a full week after his reported death. Despite his advanced age, I think this could very well be another voluntary satanic sacrifice, such as I have recognized before, but let slide from memory (except for Zechariah Sitchin). Mr. West was the son of a Mason, and a Mason himself, raised in a Franklin IN "Masonic home" upon his father's death. I would say he probably came from a generational occult family. His main claim to fame was "inventing" and marketing the Doritos chip. In 2008, he partnered with a Norwegian EISCAT Space Center (close to the "doomsday seed vault" and how close to the HAARP facility that highlighted Obama's visit with opening a wormhole?), to send this ad to a star in Ursa Major (which star--UMa47?). In occult and conspiracy lore, Ursa Major is associated with the anti-Christ, and I have been reading odd news about bears for some time, now. The bear reference is thought to refer to "Arcturus", which of course, is a major NASA conspiracy channeling medium. I don't know that there are any "Arcturians"--if there ever were any, I think that they were assimilated by MACHINE-RA, a long time ago. Interestingly enough, the "Tall Whites" at Area 51 (you know the ones who like to copulate with humans and breed "Amalekite" monsters?), told Airman (ROBERT?) Hall that they were from Arcturus, but even he could recognize that they told him that as some kind of inside joke. He knew that they weren't from Arturus at all.

You know, I am wondering myself, how much the diminishing of my Obsessive compulsive thinking patterns will affect my creative thought processes, for I am not feeling that "compulsive edge and bite" to figure things out, which leads me to go over and over information. However, to be fair, I have been feeling mellow for quite some time--ever since I killed that huge snake in my dream. Also, I felt strangely peaceful today, which I attributed to the meds I think I am being given, but after doing some light reading, now attribute to the proximity of Elenin to the Earth. I am of the view that it brings positive news, and I was hoping I would be able to dream tonight (though I am worried, because I have not been able to remember my dreams--I think I am being given Depakote, which I hate, and I don't think I need AND IT MESSES UP MY ABILITY TO DREAM, DAMMIT!).

However, I still know an intuitive tug when I see one, and Mr. West's obit certainly fits the bill. Whether I am losing my edge, or I am tired, (or maybe just too damned complacent, which makes me lazy), I am unable to fit the pieces together. However, I will lay them all out for you. First of all, I am a little worried about the possibility of an event in St. Louis. I read that, once again, a particular species of fish was dying in Arkansas, and I worry that there is some satellite that is beaming a frequency that is going to target some population in the St. Louis/MO area. I see that a massive bust of heroin dealers just happened in St. Louis, so maybe the Good Guys are a step ahead of me (see what I mean about complacency?). I also hope someone can follow through on that Norwegian space center (make sure that it is not in contact with satellites or UFO's), and the Ursa Major constellation, as well as the two men who "discovered" UMa47--one of them definitely is a candidate for possible satanic/occult involvement; the other is always wearing sunglasses, so I cannot see his eyes.

I am feeling tired and listless--drugs for sure--just don't know which ones, and it definitely is impacting my drive and intuitive edge, but now I get to sleep. I hope I dream good dreams AND CAN REMEMBER THEM!

ps: Check out this illustration from the Plantard family crest (Illuminati/occult aristocracy:


It shows the Big bear and Little bear, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, tied to the POLE AXIS of the Earth--so watch out for disturbances in those two constellations to simultaneously emit/discharge something that could shift the axis of the Earth...

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