Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nothing like necessity to get the juices flowing

Nothing like necessity to get the juices flowing--already I feel more alive. I cannot be sure, but a brief view of cable news has put me on alert regarding the Washington monument and the state of Wyoming.

I am certain that those Washington monument workers were rigorously scrutinized and vetted. However, remember that in Dan Brown's novel, the big "key code" was hidden in the Washington monument. The freemasons have been tuned into the occult for a long time. George Washington set up a lighthouse (an obelisk shape) on the infamous Montaulk proprty, which, surprise, surprise, turned out to be prime real estate for a time portal. In other words, he knew. How? I think an alien (s), along the lines of a "St. Germaine" from another dimension probably helped some of the founders of the American revolution in their desire to create a "new world". What if this code key is a beacon that transmits to outer space--the Ursa Major or Ursa Minor constellation. Even if the PLT is confident the Washington monument is clean, I hope that they have got a Plan B for standby--something that would act as a force field around the monument. If that old Montaukk lighthouse is still standing, I would recommend that it be investigated for possible anomalies as well. Finally, Lady Liberty is another Freemason construct--not an obelisk, but rather an Isis figure projecting tall into the sky.
Hopefully that would be checked as well. REMEMBER, the Washington monument is a tall pyramid, and in occult lore, the pyramids can blow open and act as a travelling conduit through space.

The other item that I saw on the news that sent off intuitive alarms was the WH map mixup between CO and WY. While the PLT and the loyal military have been busy blowing up underground tunnels and survivalist installations, I think they might have missed one in WY. While the NASA bigwigs are in Denver, the really big and evil fish are hiding in a hole, one state up. I would suspect the ritzy titzy ranch that is in the Northwest corner of the state in Yellowstone, or for that matter, any property that has ever passed under the title of Dick Cheney or anyone in his family. I believe that some of the recovering Monarch sex slaves have written of an Illuminati ranch in WY. Also, keep an eye out on "Old Faithful". If there are major planetary stresses and volcanoes erupting, Old Faithful is vulnerable, too, and as a matter of fact has been recording an unusual number of small earthquakes within the last year or two, if memory serves.

This is what was hanging over my head--now that it is out, I still feel lousy--drugged and headachy, but I no longer feel dammed up with something that needed to be released. Hope it helps.

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