Sunday, September 18, 2011

The respite is over.

The respite is over. As I read of the "coincidentally timed" deaths of both a Mondale and Kennedy daughter--Eleanor Poling and Kara Kennedy, the death of former Senator Charles Percy (high occult family), and the two air show fatalities, I recognized that all of these incidents were high profile sacrificial offerings to the satanic gods that the KaBal worships. Yesterday, the history channel ran all 10 hours of their esteemed WWII documentary, which I dipped into occasionally, as I channel surfed, but which even I, Ms. Intensity, could only watch in bits and pieces. The series was a rerun for me, but the first time I watched it, I viewed an hour or two at a time, for the amount and extent of the suffering preserved on historical celluloid is overwhelming, and even in small doses, my heart was wrenched in empathetic sorrow. WWII was the KaBal's crowning achievement of the last century, and those demonic occult forces which were ultimately behind it (and they include reptiles, greys, and negative Sirians), gleefully exceeded their own expectations in the vast destruction and misery that they wrought. Now, I think that they are looking for yet another cataclysm--WWIII--with which to climax the destruction of the planet's 3D existence. Remember, these occult human power brokers who manipulate our socio-political reality, are spiritually possessed by demons. These same demons know that their dominating reign on planet Earth is nearing an end, and that they will need to find a new home in the cosmos, but before they go, they want to see suffering and destruction on a scale that surpasses even WWII.

So what do I think these sacrifices, both willing (Percy) and unwilling, portend? Well, I have no intuitive certitude, both rationally speaking, the upcoming week is fraught with peril, pitfalls, and potential opportunity for the KaBalists. The UN is meeting, and the Palestinians will be seeking statehood status from the UN, which will be met with a US veto. My guess is that terrorists (nukes? biological bombs?) stand ready to unleash a devastating terrorist attack in "response" to the veto. It might be in the US, it might be in Europe, it might be in Israel, but what the KaBalists are hoping to provoke is a ubiquitous response of outrage and military reaction--the prelude to WWWIII.

At this point, I do not have any specific idea of concrete details, except to note that I worry about the numerologically significant date of September 29th, and Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, follows in the first week of October.
I also think that the Saudis bear watching--not just the royal family, but also the families who fund the terrorists. You see, while I have no data or intuition in particular to point to the Saudi elite, rationally, I know that their world, as they know and love it, is falling apart. They are looking at losing their preeminent position in the Arab/Muslim world, and the "Arab Spring" terrifies them. Because of their corruption and rigid fundamentalism, they cannot imagine or bear the thought of change. They are horrified by concepts like democracy or women's acceptance into the public sphere. People/leaders who are afraid, and feel that they have nothing to lose are dangers.

However, I cannot emphasize enough, that I think danger lies all around, in a multitude of places and peoples, in this upcoming UN session. I will be praying for my leaders, as the diplomatic challenges and dangers accompanying this Palestinian play (and yes, you know who is behind it--the same Nazi Faction 2, which still hopes to destroy this country) will be unrelentingly thick and furious. I hope our diplomats and leaders are prepared for the worst case scenarios--double crosses and betrayals, unplanned terrorist attacks, and (God, when will someone shut up that twit), more Wickileaks (Faction 2/CIA operation) disclosures that will damage prospects for peace and stability.

As for me, I am in really bad shape. I am in constant pain, and walk around with "brain tumor syndrome" (too much fluid on the brain). However, even if I spend most of my time on a heating pad or watching TV, I will be high alert for this upcoming week. I hope the Patriot Leadership Team is on high alert as well, for the KaBal is planning something so huge that they needed to offer multiple sacrifices in propitiation. I sure hope that the memory of the innocent victims (like I said, I think Percy, like Zecharia Sitchin before him, was a willing sacrifice), is not obscenely smirched by a successful KaBal attack.

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