Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alert: Satanists on the prowl

Alert: Satanists on the prowl--which no doubt the Patriots already know from my cursory reading. Between the massive solar storm on the war, the threat of tornadoes and earthquakes off the southern CA coast, they are effectively blackmailed. Even more dire is the threat of a magnetic pole flip. That would be an extinction level event as land masses sink and mountains rise from the sea. This is terrorist blackmail by the Tall Whites--who can impact seismic trigger points from inner Earth (maybe even threatening to trigger massive earthquakes with explosives. This is why the Earth is hearing strange noises--the sonic repercussions of this inner Earth manipulation is being acoustically "caught" by inner Earth and resounding back. The time is fraught with dire peril.

I myself have not had internet access since yesterday. At 6 am this morning, I was at Starbucks to use their wi-fi--I couldn't wait four hours for the library to open. The satanic NSA agents were one step ahead of me, and I spent the first 45 minutes trying to recover from the EM zap. However, the MOST IMPORTANT THING:

While trying to open a link about a mayor killed in Hickman KY, my Starbucks Wi-Fi went dead. However, I am very close to downtown from here, and there is a lot of free wi-fi that I can try to ride, at very weak strengths. That is how I was able to open up the post and read enough to know that Hickman's mayor was killed by another satanist (of the same cultic tribe that preceded my entry into Starbucks). Furthermore Hickman is located at the Mississippi river--right in a Madrid fault hot spot.

Therefore I THINK THAT IT IS THE MADRID FAULT AREA, WITH THE CRISIS POINT NEAR HICKMAN THAT IS IN IMMINENT DANGER. I see where the satanists who were sitting in a black SUV have left. I don't know how long this weak wifi connection will last, so signing off for now. Will try to keep posting in spurts as I learn things.

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