Friday, January 20, 2012

No use in pushing

No use in pushing back against the current, hateful reality. Amon-RA, the Nazis, and all their evil power-hungry, hating, evil minions are back on track to start WWIII in the Middle East.

It is hard to see evil gloat--and it is on every news channel that I see, but I feel my inner voice holding me back. The Nazi KaBalists have a powerful blackmail weapon that they are holding over the Earth, and the Patriots have had to retreat for the preservation of the planet and humanity.

I am not so much in retreat, as I am listening to my inner voice to find the right timing. When Amon-RA rules uniterrupted, my life becomes hateful, too. I figured out why I cannot manage to dash into a fast food restaurant and get an uncontaminated burger. Think back to the movie, "The Matrix". I am stalked by a high powered UFO wherever I go, and when I make a stop, "agents" can literally take over the body of whomever I approach. I would like to think that agents can only possess "weak" or immature people; however, that is the profile of the average fast food worker. So, I am having to eat contaminated food. I got violently ill when I ate from a Mexican food truck in the parking lot where I do my laundry. MY fault. They hacked into my inner voice and lied. Kicking myself for being so gullible--I should have been operating from paranoid, don't trust anyone mode, and I wasn't.

In a way, it is okay. The one thing that I cannot stand is a liar--especially a liar who claims moral superiority. I know which faction lied to me, and which faction poisoned me, and the information I gathered today, helped me to coalesce more information. Lie to me through the sanctity of my inner voice, and the bastards lose all credibility with me--not that they ever have had much anyway, but all the shapeshifting in the world cannot stop me from uncovering their identities.

I seem to be recovering from the viral downloads quicker, but there is no way I will have a brain CT scan, as long as the Nazis are pre-eminent. I know they want to do brain surgery to try to get me plugged into the MACHINE. While I am confident that I can resist all attempts to enslave me, I just don't want those evil Amon-RA people doing ANYTHING to my brain. Maybe brain surgery would help; maybe it would turn me into a mental vegetable. So far, all of their attempts have been massive failures that have stripped me of my high energy and peak fitness, and have left me crippled, obese, and in chronic pain, unable to do anything that I once loved--from hiking to yoga to playing music. No thanks, I will wait until I am in a position where I feel safe, and trust the environment around me.

In the meantime, I suffer along with all the other patriots of the world. I am having to eat contaminated food, since I cannot access healthy food. Food that has been moleculary altered tastes terrible, makes my belly poof out (because of all the nano tech thingies they activate in my gut), my brain shut down in a fog, increases the nerve pain caused by all back mutilations, and has me dribbling down my leg in vaginal wetness. No doubt about it, my quality of life suffers when the Amon-RA KKK is in control of the world.

I don't think they can prevail, but timing is everything. Nothing I can do right now, but cringe at the reality I experience around me, in digital image, and in person.

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